Do any of you know of any? I've been looking around on Google, and have come up empty handed. I think that having one would be a great way to get more women to become more active in the community by having a "safe" environment.

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Feminism is exclusive of men, so I don't see how you thought that was going to work.

Dude, knock it off. You haven't noticed all of the men posting here as opposed to the no boys allowed group? Come on.

I know that this is your playground, and that you enjoy seeing who you can get into an argument here, but come on. Surely you can come up with a better thread to start a fight in.

Now now, leave the nice troll alone.
Do you not understand the difference between a forum for discussing feminism and the feminist movement itself?
And yet a cursory glance through this forum's archives will show many posts by feminists stating that males need to take a back-seat in the feminist movement. This, despite their claims to be egalitarian in the pursuit of equality for both genders.
Are you seriously going to argue that feminism is NOT exclusive of men?
If so, then make your case.

If you enjoy baiting communists and libertarians, to you weigh in on the thread by the "Reactionary Atheist"?

I replied a few times, but then realized that I was wasting my time with a guy who's ideology was so whacked out that it had a total world-wide membership of one.

Which one is that?  I don't remember him by name.  The only name sticking in my head right now is Sodero Rojo, or something to that effect ... although I've seen one or two others, around and about, in other groups.


The libertarians are more numerous but no less dogmatic.

Here's the link, Joseph.

If you missed this guy's odd ideology, you missed a real jaw-dropper.

He sounds lovely.

Wow, that idiot reminds me of S.E. Cupp.  Atheist, but admiring of religion.  That's so foolish.  Of course, that's assuming that S.E. Cupp is even an atheist.

I dunno, I guess this guy lends credence to the reality of her non-belief, assuming he's for real, too.


- Men can use violence to defend their property, including their wives.
- Women are expected to be virgins at marriage.
- Prostitution is widely available.
- Women don't vote.


These four middle bullet-points are psychotic.  I don't have a problem with prostitution, specifically, but it's completely at odds with every other stance he has about women.  Very "I love sluts, but my wife and daughters won't be like that."  Very schizoid.

I love how he filed wives under property.

I love how he filed wives under property.


Yeah, I am surprised that the women on that thread didn't jump on that one.

Speaking of psychotic, this was on his profile:  I am a reactionary who recently joined Orthodox Judaism to escape from liberal society. And of course I am atheist.


This thread is more active:

Regarding unwelcome advances, I have trouble believing that is a significant issue on an internet forum here members are geographically dispersed.
Regarding insensitive treatment, we've already had female participants start threads on the subjects of men's cock sizes and women's boobs, so voicing concern now regarding sexism, objectification, and stereotypes would be disingenuous.
Regarding some guy telling you you have it all wrong, well, that was my point wasn't it? I joined this forum because some foolish feminist posted a claim that only 2% of all convicted rapists ever receive jail time. Ridiculous on the face of it, but none of the feminists challenged her on her facts. Would you say that such misinformation should be left undisputed, on a forum of supposedly rational thinkers?
If you are looking for a "safe" place to trade gossip and copy/paste the latest internet meme, this is not it. And if you are unwilling to consider your opinions before posting them and unwilling to defend them after you do, then you have no right to complain about ill treatment.




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