What is the secret to being more assertive? Having self respect

German researcher Daniela Renger identifies self respect as essential for assertiveness.

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For her studies, Renger devised a new, four-item self-report measure of self-respect. Participants rated their strength of agreement with:

  • In everyday life I always see myself as a person with equal rights
  • I always see myself as a person of equal worth compared with other people in my life
  • I am always aware that I have the same dignity as all other human beings
  • If I look at myself, I see a person who is equally worthy compared with others

... Renger concluded that self-competence, self-confidence and self-respect are distinct aspects of the self-concept. Also, while all three factors correlated with assertiveness, only self-respect had a unique association with assertiveness when accounting for the other two factors.

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All four, and I can still feel insecure...

Ruth, I appreciate your integrity in attributing the image but am curious about how it affects responses.
Since no one can deceive me better than I, I am wary and want to reply with short essays. I may write them and form them into a talk for my Toastmasters club.

Because state inspectors have influence in my life, I keep a favored notice on my fridge: “No, you cannot have my rights. I’m still using them.” It puts them on notice and it reminds me.

Plinius, what accounts for that feeling?

I had a rather bad start in life, due to my family who wanted to subdue me or break me. They didn't succeed, but I would have done better with a little support.

Ruth, what you've listed above amounts to many if not all of the parameters of self-ownership. Without them, there is no self-ownership, there is no self-possession, and there is no ability to assert oneself effectively in the public milieu.

And, as with self-examination, nobody teaches this. Too many people, myself included, have to learn this on their own, or figure out the need for it. To me, this is criminal.




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