Ok, so I'll start off I didn't watch the Oscar's. I watched the aftermath of the Oscar's. A LOT of criticism has been thrown out at them for the "jokes" they used. I want to know your thoughts, is it ok to have sexist jokes because they are jokes? Should the Oscar's be the place for that? How do you think they are affecting sexism in the society as a whole?

I feel that the Oscar's should be a celebration, it should be a place for actors to get together and acknowledge each others performances. So the degradation to a series of sexist jokes does feel crass. But again, that's my own ideal of what the show should be. Some jokes no matter what went to far. Anything involving a minor should be off limits. Both The Onion and MacFarlane's jokes about Quvenzhane Wallis went too far.

By normalizing sexist remarks as humor it harms the status of women. Men can make remarks and pass it off as a joke. No good!

On a side note, I was completely abhorred by the obsession in the media over an actresses nipples. My first thought, women should feel damned comfortable to have their nipples pokey. It's natural! So why the obsession? I mean, no one will obsess over whether or not you see an actors package through their pants, but they will obsess over nipples. And not even a nip slip, just that the shape can be seen.

Anyway, I wanted to know what other people here were thinking about it. What was your reaction? (And if you didn't see the Oscar's and have ignored the aftermath, bravo!)

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I'm in that last category.  I always ignore celebrity nonsense, in any form.  I'm interested in their performance on the screen and nothing beyond that.

The nipple poking seems particularly absurd.  Wouldn't the sexist types encourage that sort of thing?

That said, I think the joke about Quvenzhane Wallis was fair.  I just looked up a few articles about that.  The joke wasn't about her; she was just a component of a joke about something else.

They weren't attacking her.  They were harshly mocking the industry that brutalizes women by taking it that much more over the top in a false attack against a sweet, adorable 9 year old.  That's what good satire does.  That's how you expose an industry that does that sort of thing to young teens in all seriousness.

I hope she had someone able to explain it to her, though, if she caught wind of it.  She should know that they chose her because she was the best, most extreme example that would parody the abuse of the celebrity news mill.

Also, that's one of the reasons I hate twitter.  A joke with that much potential for harm needs to be done properly, not in a stupid 140 character format, or whatever it is.

The sexist types probably like the nipples, but they never miss a chance to sexually shame women when they can.


So irritating.

I guess.  I just can't understand a lot of the behavior, even when trying to perceive it within their worldview.  Doesn't make sense to me.

That's similar to the article I read it off of, yes.  I'd mostly say that it was very poorly executed.  I can see the joke working, within a more elaborate framework.  You need a lot more development before firing off something like that, and you need a good mouthpiece to stick the comment into.  Twitter is not the forum for that sort of thing.

You can joke about anything, even horrible subjects like misogyny, rape, and abortion.  You just damned well better be funny.

Seriously, comedians need to stay the hell off of Twitter, with their jokes.  Gilbert Gottfried cost himself a lot of money through the loss of his Aflac gig, because of a stupid tweet.

Speaking of horrifically done rape jokes, how has Daniel Tosh's career been affected by his idiotic one?  I never liked him, even before the incident, so I haven't followed up on it at all.

I don't agree that it should be a "feel good" or "family" celebration. These are a bunch of multi-millionaires, The Oscar show is not for the awards but a marketing ploy to get us to buy those films.

I am a total movie fan, and I've watched approximately half the Oscars that have occurred in my 46 years. These were the most boring ever!

Jokes???? what jokes, there was barely a funny moment in the whole thing.

I didn't know this host-kid before, and I really can not for the life of me imagine why they made that choice.

IMO, the best ever host was Whoopie Goldberg. Ricky Gervais was close in there. This marketing tool that we call the Oscars should feel much more like a roast, it should be entertaining, and for adults, not kids. That's one of its problems, because the Hollywood film industry is more and more child oriented, the Oscars are slowly headed that way also. DEPRESSING.

As for my nipples, NO, they either point because I'm highly aroused or cold. They wear fabrics which accentuate nipples, for the sheer titillation factor.

My true reasons for watching the Oscars:

-Good humour

-Checklist of viewable films

-Political or off the wall statements by winners.

I didn't know this host-kid before, and I really can not for the life of me imagine why they made that choice.

Seth MacFarlane?  He's aggressively offensive, sometimes.  That was the reason they picked him, I think.  I think they might be going with the "Any publicity is good publicity," approach.

Hmm, so what will they replace the Oscars with, after they move them to Nickelodeon?

I watched the whole thing, save a few minutes here and there where I was just too bored, I was not once offended, the must have followed the boring bits.

I did enjoy Ben's stammering and Jennifer's trip

But what was really amusing was how all my aged "ageing" female actress are going for the no-eyes look, specially Renee, WTF was that about!! Queenie had to jump in and read her lines for her.


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