So, I teach a femist writing composition class and I did research and realized men actually can and should have the HPV vaccine...Especially, if he is gay, promiscuous or has a history of cancer in his family. Not to mention, men carry the virus. I read that as of December 2009, the FDA finally implemented that boys between 11-26 should be vaccinated. Why is it that way now? By the way, I'm 27, ooops... too late for me...

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Vaccinated early and vasectomied @birth: that would solve a huge percentage of problems on earth! ;)
And it rhymes!
If the vaccine is effective at stopping the spread of HPV and is safe, then sure start giving it to boys and girls both. Just add it to measles/mumps stuff so that the religious can't use the insane idea that it makes children promiscuous. It isn't like most kids know what all they are vaccinated for anyways.
I agree,
I just think that it is unfortunate that men and women who contract HPV didn't know their options until it was too late. So, no one realizes that they have options until they have genital warts or cancer. So, I think the sooner the better with vaccine. They have vaccines for Hepatitis and so, I feel there should be one for HPV too...
If I remember correctly though, there is a chance, a small chance, but a chance nonetheless of catching hepatitis from the immunization.

The power of Wiki:

Hep A vaccine

By using an inactivated virus, there is a slight chance of infection. Therefore, only people at risk should definitely get this one. Hep B though, everyone should get that vaccine.
That is and was the main concern of why women were hesitant about being vaccinated.

However, I think folks will risk that, instead of getting genital warts...
You should look into how many people were permanently damaged from the small pox vaccine too.
That would be interesting research on the damage that vaccinations have caused in both men and women...


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