20 Horrifyingly Sexist Headlines About Female Celebs (And the Shock...

Vagenda, an online magazine, challenged readers to create nonsexist alternative headlines. You'll love the samples.

... the editors at Vagenda, a UK-based online magazine confronting sexism in the media, thought it would be a good idea to challenge its Twitter followers to “take a snarky headline and turn it around.”

“We expected our usual followers to get involved, but we were pleasantly surprised by the quite literally thousands of other people who also jumped on board,” said Holly Baxter, an editor at Vagenda. “Some of them came up with some truly brilliant, deadpan alternatives to the sensationalized headlines we keep seeing and passively digesting in everyday media.”

Vagenda was created in 2012 after Baxter and her fellow editors were fed up with the sexist messages pouring out of women’s magazines and newspapers. They hope to counteract the pressure on women to be perfect while creating content that’s relevant to women’s lives.

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That's a great way to highlight the media subtext that -- to put it bluntly -- women's reason for existence is to look pretty and sexy for men! The horror of a woman going out grocery shopping in clothes she chose strictly for her own comfort, and without makeup!

My favorite revised headline linked from the Alternet article: Siobhan Rooney rewrote "George Clooney reportedly engaged to hot, successful lawyer" to "Accomplished human rights lawyer might be engaged to greying actor, 52".

This may be my favorite:

It's sexist, gives no info at all, and meddles in people's lives - why would anyone read crap like that?

The way they beat up on female celebs who gain weight is especially odious. 

I agree.




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