HuffPost AOL News article. posted today that Republican Gov. Rick Perry signed a bill on Tuesday that would force Texas women to undergo an ultrasound, hear a detailed description of the fetus and then wait a full 24 hours before receiving abortion care.


According to the article, Arizona, Louisiana and Texas have already enacted ultrasound laws, and Gov. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) is expected to sign a similar proposal in the coming week.


The idea is to reduce the number of abortions preformed in those states thereby satisfying a predominately Christian mindset regarding this issue, and to stop women who Christians believe use abortion as a form of birth control. 


The fact that this kind of legislation can and has been passed worries me.  Women have fought long and hard for their rights over their own reproductive health.  Abortion has always been and always will be a controversial issue, but our rights were decided in 1973 with Roe v. Wade.  No matter what people thought of the decision it could not be overturned, but that hasn't stopped the religiously motivated pro-life side of this issue to try to take that right away from women by putting more and more restrictions on abortion.  While some restrictions make sense, such as, third trimester abortions, some do not, and I think this one is above and beyond ridiculous, and in some ways cruel. 

I don't believe any woman would arbitrarily decide to have an abortion. 


Since this is such a controversial issue, I have to wonder why there is resistance to education in public schools, and the use of birth control.  It makes no sense to me at all.  Condoms in particular are more than just birth control.  They can protect women as well as men from sexually transmitted diseases.  Planned Parenthood also has been met with staunch resistance, yet abortion is only a part of what they are about.  They offer many more services and information to women that would not necessarily be available to them otherwise since education in a public health class is lacking. 


My son's 9th grade health class taught sex education and gave the kids condoms.  The following year sex education was taken out of health class due to the uproar of parents that complained because they felt giving teenagers condoms was sending the message that having sex was okay.  Abstinence is ideal, but not realistic. Parents want to control what their children are exposed to, but there are few teenagers that feel comfortable talking to their parents about sex.  Most parents find out their teenager has had sex when it's too late. 


Let's face it. Teenagers rarely make the best decisions and parents will have to deal with any consequences for the lack of education, but what about the adult woman that uses birth control that fails?  Does society have the right to tell a grown woman that she should not have control over her own reproductive health?  Why should someone else's religious views have any baring on another persons personal life, or is this only a religious issue?  Either way, I believe this is primarily a women's issue.  Recently I ran across a tweet from a female member of Twitter that read, "Constitutional right and women's "choice" should not b in the same sentence..."  She went on to state that abortion is murder.  How are women supposed to keep the right to have control over their own reproductive health if women in general do not share the view that their body is their own and the ability to make their own choices that affect their bodies is a constitutional right? 










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I agree.  Rick Perry has done worse, but this is pretty bad.  Texas is a big abstinence only state, and we have a very high teen pregnancy rate.  Good thing gay sex doesn't get me pregnant.
And this bullshit legislation is passed by the same people who talk about cutting spending? Don't all those ultrasounds waste a lot of money?
What I find so interesting about Texas, in particular, is that they go to this extreme to prevent abortion, but don't seem to have as much problem with capital punishment.  I always thought it was odd....
Rick Perry infuriates me. What about the women that really want that baby and are having an abortion for medical reasons? Are they going to put her through that too just for the sake of some bullshit law?
Yeah that another bad thing that Perry has done for Texas.

Anyone else think its odd that Sanatorium thinks its okay to take his dead baby home to cuddle with his family and sleep with it, but I can't have an abortion because its immoral?




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