When woo and CAM pretend to be science and start mutilating people

Some of us are old enough to remember when psychiatrists/doctors poked surgical nails into people's eyesockets to cure them of their depression and feelings of unsuitability ... better known as lobotomies. Today, these are considered atrocious treatments best suited for 18th century charlatanism.

Well this is today's alternative "medical" treatments that will get scorned in a decade.

-Induced pubertal repression... in order for a child not to turn into a teen if they don't feel their behaviour suits society's gender stereotypes of what sex they are.

This should be considered child abuse, the same way that penile corrective surgery on intersexed neonates is considered a scandal by most.


Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities. ~Voltaire

Activism to normalize gender transitioning now comes at children’s expense

It was recently announced that the Oregon Health Plan, which provides healthcare coverage to low-income residents of Oregon, will cover “medical care” for “transgender” children starting October 1, 2014. [1]

The official text of the Oregon Health Plan guideline reads:

“Hormone treatment is included on this line only for use in delaying the onset of puberty and/or continued pubertal development with GnRH analogues for gender questioning children and adolescents. This therapy should be initiated at the first physical changes of puberty, confirmed by pubertal levels of estradiol or testosterone, but no earlier than Tanner stages 2-3. Prior to initiation of puberty suppression therapy, adolescents must fulfill eligibility and readiness criteria and must have a comprehensive mental health evaluation. Ongoing psychological care is strongly encouraged for continued puberty suppression therapy.”

You might think from this language that there is ample scientific support for such a momentous decision. One would hope that the state and medical establishment had taken great care with something that may permanently affect children and families. But this radical change is not based on recent medical breakthroughs. There is no amazing new science suggesting that state-run medical plans serving the most needy and vulnerable people should now put children as young as 10 years old on puberty-blocking hormones if they are “diagnosed” as “transgender.”

In fact, even the endocrinology experts who commented on this decision had this to say about this so-called therapy:

“There is very poor evidence of the benefit of puberty suppressing therapy for transgendered youth, based on the existing literature.” [2]

Rather than following guidelines from well-researched medical science, Oregon’s decision is based on trans* political activism and social normativity. The activist (and deeply regressive) trope behind this is that children who report “feeling” like the opposite sex must therefore be the opposite sex and should therefore have the opportunity to physically mimic the superficial appearances of the opposite sex with state-funded medical intervention.

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What's CAM?  I'm not familiar with the acronym, and I'm not coming up with any good guesses for it.

I'm suspicious of the wording, about people diagnosed as transgendered.  How do they tell?  I would think that for any but the most extreme, obvious cases, in which the child is desperately identifying with the opposite sex, you wouldn't even consider it until they're further along the progression of puberty.

There are trans people who wish they could have started their transition before puberty, but I see so many opportunities for misdiagnosis of the child's understanding of what they're getting into.

CAM is "Alternative Medicine" see here.
Trouble is with all this gender ID stuff, it's like homeopathy, it's simply not backed up by good science. What are the consequences of chemically delaying puberty? ... one of my thesis in my endocrinology courses was hormonal problems experienced by under-fat female athletes. Their extreme low body fat curtails their puberty, and this has life-long consequences on their body development, they end up with weak bones, low bone density, reduced bone lengthening, weight control issues, and amenorrhea. One can not "catch up" on puberty, it happens when the body decides it's hormonally ready, not when a pharmacology experiment decides.

Intersexed children who've had genital "corrective surgery" which ended up being contrary to their genetics end up with horrible psychological problems later in life.

There are four very distinct contexts in the transgender subject. Intersexed people who've had neonatal genital corrective surgery, intersexed people who remained intact but ambiguous, transgenders who've had "sex-change" surgery and pharmacopea, and transgenders who have no intention of changing their genitals or secondary sexual characteristics and who call themselves lesbians. From a lesbian perspective, the last category is the most difficult to swallow (pardon the pun).

Trouble is, when government IDs started supporting "sex-changed" transsexuals, that was seen as acceptable by the medical community, because it followed a massive medical paper trail, but the new trend is to self-diagnosis, or rather "self-identification", wherein anyone can simply declare they are the other sex.

How all this relates to pre-sexual, hopefully non gender stereotypes youth is simply confounding.

Females who chose fake breasts normally cannot do so before adulthood. There are reasons why we don't let youth make life changing decisions!

Ria Cooper in the UK started female hormone injections at 17, then decided to revert back to being a guy, luckily before getting the genital surgery.  Others weren't so lucky.  There's one terrible story about a guy who changed his mind about genital sex-change surgery at the last minute, as he was being put under anesthesia.  He said he didn't want the surgery, but they didn't hear him or ignored him, and when he woke up, he had been mutilated. 

There's a big tendency to blame something outside for problems, and to look for outside fixes, and radical sex-change surgery to fix one's life seems to be an example of this, similar to plastic surgery. 

Still, if an adult really wants to do this and it really makes them happy, why not ...

transgenders who have no intention of changing their genitals or secondary sexual characteristics and who call themselves lesbians. From a lesbian perspective, the last category is the most difficult to swallow (pardon the pun).

Yes, it seems like an invasion of identity.  Similarly for born-males calling themselves women.

From a lesbian perspective, the FtM transpeople are interesting :)  In a way the FtM direction works better, because women who take male hormones look very convincingly male.  Most of the FtM's are very butch lesbians. 

I've recently taken more interest in this topic, and I find myself migrating towards lesbian politics more and more, even though I'm bi and anti-contractual-monogamy... I have fought gender stereotyping so hard all my life, so to see it so enshrined... :,,,,(

Anyway, I've been reading about heavy censorship of these reversion (early ones and late ones) stories, there are many, but the trans community disavows them by saying those people were never "trans" in the first place. It's all so arbitrary.
And to be clear I am very much for people who have gender ID issues to have choice of counselling or emancipation, what I have issues with is three-fold:
1) tax-payer funded body mutilation (we are at long last slowly getting rid of publicly funded circumcision and intersexe correction)
2) messing with minors' physical development at all, youth must be counselled away from gender stereotyping, in the same way I hope we counsel them away from the delusion of religiosity
3) stop the attacks on feminism and penetration of female refuges

A guy who acts like a stereotypical woman has a much harder time I think, than a woman who acts masculine.  Which might explain why there seem to be more MtF's than FtM's. 

There's more to it than gender stereotypes though.  The MtF's are usually intense cross-dressers, and there's sometimes an autoerotic element to wanting to look like a woman. 

It's also a matter of what kind of body the person wants to have; and whether they want to be treated as a man or a woman. 

Also whether someone identifies with their mom or their dad, would play a big part in their gender identity.

Induced pubertal repression certainly is child abuse. It seems to me that children are not mentally mature enough to choose pubertal repression or transgender surgery, just because their brains are still developing. Once someone is 18, I can see them making a permanent life-altering change to their body. Don't children need to explore gender identity as part of growing up? There's time to transition as a young adult.

Children choosing to dress and identify as a different gender is one thing, hormonal intervention or surgery is another. We are all too easily influenced and too inexperienced to make such decisions as pre-teens.




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