Why men who are obsessed with their cock's size should relinquish patriarchy ;-)

According to Carole Jahme, female "power" (read: choice) might endow males more efficiently than any penis-enhancing trick will do - at least on the long run.

Incidentally, this is the best argument I've seen supporting the claim that our paleolithic ancestors thrived under matriarchical or gender-equal rule:

The larger human penis suggests that hominids needed to keep females with choice sexually satisfied. Ancestral females would have experienced a sexual freedom denied in Western cultures today and it has been suggested that our ancestors went through a period of matriarchy and enhanced female choice.

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News Flash for all women.
Men do NOT obsess about their penis sizes.  I know that may be hard for you to grasp (no pun intended), but we don't.
Women obsess about their breast size more than men obsess about their penis size.
Women obsess about their breast size more than men obsess about women's breast size!
Women obsess about men's penis size more than men obsess about men's penis size!
You have expended more thought about men's penis size in this one thread than I have in the past 20 years.  You've discussed penis size more in this thread than I ever heard during all my years of college.
Stop with the pseudo-science already.  Seriously, if male penis size is, in fact, "the best argument I've seen supporting the claim that our paleolithic ancestors thrived under matriarchical or gender-equal rule" then you truly have flimsy (flacid?) support for your thesis.

Then why are there penis enlarging products on the market, advertised in magazines for men? (If it's "because women pressure them", well, since when do men do everything women want them to do?) Why do men brag to women about their penis size and why is having a small penis something to make fun of? Maybe the men you know are not at all concerned about pleasing their partners, but other guys I've known have worried about whether they are "adequate" and are good lovers (though as I said above, they are misguided if they think penis size=good lover).


Speaking of psuedoscience, where is your evidence that women obsess over the things you say they obsess over more than men obsess over them?

Those penis enhancement products are purchased much less frequently than, say, push up or padded bras.  Possibly because they don't work.

I've never bragged to a woman about my penis size.  None of my male friends have ever told me that they ever bragged to a woman about their penis size.  Frankly, the only evidence that I have that men brag about their penis size is that women tell me they do.  And tell me.  And tell me.  Back when I was dating online, at some point in just about every first date I had I would be told about all the guys who just wanted to have sex with them.  I came to realize that though they feigned they were complaining about it, their subtle message to me was "other men have found me sexually desirable".  From then on, if a woman raised that subject it definitely lowered my opinion of her.

I'm not aware of any studies regarding relative obsession with body part sizes, so I must fall back on anecdotal evidence, the most recent of which I have encountered is....this thread.

Of course your male friends haven't told me that they bragged to women about their penis size. "So I was talking to this chick last night and told her I'm hung like a phone pole". That'd be a weird conversation. But when women tell you...what? It's less reliable?


Push up bras may be purchased more frequently because bras are a more practical garment, and push-ups are in the store with the regular ones, making it more likely that people will buy it. Penis pumps are more in the category of breast-enhancing pills or implants than they are articles of clothing.

Yes, I confess, I do find 1st hand evidence (a man bragging about his penis size) more reliable than 2nd hand evidence (a woman telling me about men bragging about their penis size).  But hey, that's just my rational, fact-based method of evaluating evidence.  No doubt you feminists consider the difference in validity between 1st hand and 2nd hand evidence to be "patriarchal logic", at odds with the feminine intuition which more reliably confirms your preconceived opinions.

And regarding push-up bras vs penis pumps....I think you are right.  Penis pumps are in a different category than push-up bras.  A better analogy would be padded underwear for men.  So I ask you, how many advertisements for "push-out briefs" have you seen?  Does Calvin Klein have such a product line?  How about Hanes?

Why haven't the male-centric patriarchal power structures latched on to this simple solution, TNT666?  The patriarchal Mormon church even dictates the underwear worn by its members (oh, the unintentional puns overfloweth...), and even Mormon underwear isn't "enhanced".

No.  Proving two points, once again.  1st, that men do not obsess over penis size as much as women obsess over breast size.  And 2nd, that it is next to impossible for Feminists to apply critical thinking to their opinions before posting them in public.

I have had men announce their penis size to me more than a few dozen times, and I'm gay.  I have a bar buddy who gets drunk and hangs on me and tries to take me home, and he mentions his 8 inch penis EVERY time. 


Your logic in regard to underwear and padded bras is flawed.  Consider that men don't have nearly as many body issues as women.  A fat dude looks in the mirror and thinks he looks perfectly fine, while many average, healthy women look in the mirror and instantly see flaws.  Many woman are socialized to think that their natural bodies aren't good enough, so they put on girdles and high heels and padded bras and all kinds of contraptions. 


Also, why are you posting here in "Feminist Atheists" when you refer to the rest of us with some hostility? Your presence here, in my opinion, is about as appropriate and welcomed as a theist on atheist nexus.

Your logic in regard to underwear and padded bras is flawed.  Consider that men don't have nearly as many body issues as women.
No, actually that is exactly the point I am trying to make.
Many woman are socialized to think that their natural bodies aren't good enough

Of course.  Once again, what women think of themselves is the fault of men, or of society.  Exactly what DO women take responsibility for?  For all you feminists go on about insisting on equality, you're always the last ones to insist upon accountability for women's actions and decisions.

I had a female friend in college who remarked about how much longer it takes for women to get ready in the morning.  I replied, humorously, that we men appreciate the effort women go through to look good for us.  She looked at me and said "You think we're doing this for you?  We're trying to look better in front of other women."

I joined this forum because of a series of posts full of blatant, obvious lies being propagated by one of the members.  After much arguing, everyone pretty much agreed that she had been proved completely incorrect and had no basis for the things she wrote.  Yet still, I was castigated for insisting on accuracy, impartiality, and facts, on an Atheist web forum of all places!  So I decided to stick around to refute any other nonsense that was posted (such as this ridiculous thread).  As a rational thinker, I consider that a responsibility.
This is a forum to discuss feminism, and I am discussing feminism.  If you want some place where you can post lies, exagerations, and pseudo-science, do it in a non-public forum where innocent readers passing by won't make the mistake of thinking you actually know what you are talking about.  Start a feminist church, where you can safely preach to your choir.


In short, stop posting misandrist lies and nonsense, and I'll stop replying.


I have a bar buddy who gets drunk and hangs on me and tries to take me home, and he mentions his 8 inch penis EVERY time.

8 inches?  Ha!  Mine's at least nine and a three quarters.

Actually no, people did not agree with you. Pretty much everyone (save 2) thought you were completely out-of-line and behaved like a troll. The fact that you are completely anti-feminist and you are here only to denigrate AS OPPOSED to "honestly discuss" just makes you seem like a very sad and injured male. Maybe you should consult someone about that instead of wasting our time with your vitriol.
Wait, are you saying you still agree with Asharu's statement "Rape is already one of the least prosecuted crimes- less than 2% of CONVICTED rapists serve time"?
Yes or no, TNT666?  Yes or no?
Rob, Joseph, and Sandy were convinced that this was blatantly false.  Even Asharu backed off from it.

I provided links and references to research that disproved it, then showed how feminists propaganda (posted by you) is clearly exagerated and blatantly false, and then posted a dozen or so examples showing that when rapists are let off without jail time, its because they are women (teachers who rape students frequently get off with probation).

So, what's the story, TNT?  Either you still cling to this little bit of completely unsubstantiated feminist mythology, or you will need to back off from your statement that "Actually no, people did not agree with you."

Yes or no, TNT666?  Do you believe that less than 2% of convicted rapists serve jail time?
Absolutely. YOU are the one so obsessed with anti-feminism that you are blinded by all the BS you spout. Her numbers were only off by a smidgeon. YOU, as usual, are WAY OFF.

"2% of CONVICTED rapists" is a far cry from 6% of ACCUSED rapists.
Do you seriously not know the difference between these two statements, or are simply being willfully ignorant?  It is not a "smidgen".  It is a HUGE difference, considering that between 25% and 45% of rape accusations are false.
Never mind the fact that there is no basis to support the 6% figure either.
I challenge you, TNT666, to show me any research supporting the assertion that only 6% of convicted rapists serve time.  If you can't, then simply admit you are wrong, and that I am right, and that this particular piece of feminist mythology has been debunked.  In continuing to defend it, you are just embarrassing yourself.

Your credibility is at stake here.

Overall, just over two-thirds of convicted rape defendants received a prison sentence. An additional 19% of convicted rape defendants were sentenced to a term in a local jail, and about 13% received a sentence to probation supervision in the community.

That's an incarceration rate of MORE THAN 86%!  Is that a "smidgen" different from 2%?

Here, TNT666, I'm going to make this very easy for you.  Just cut and paste the following text, and you can save a little bit of integrity:

"Yes Bruce.  You were correct.  The statistics regarding rape that Asharu posted were completely false.  I believed this factoid simply because I saw it repeated over and over in feminist propaganda.  I never bothered to actually verify it, because it supported my preconceived opinions and I desperately wanted it to be true.  Now, however, I realize the importance of accuracy in debate, and how passing internet memes off as research damages the search for true solutions to complex problems.  Thank you for convincing me."


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