Long gone are dark days when women used to sit at the fence when issues bordering general development cropped up,today women are a lot smart than men,l say gone are season economic sanction were imposed on women when they made decisions on their own.thanks to change women can now voice against all man made ills.If at this moment a woman can make informed choice about her lifestyle when uncountable men out side there are perishing under the rule of religion,who is smarter?

l m feminist rights awareness campaigner,you can be part of this sensitization program,you and me can help in changing the thinking of the world towards our mothers and sisters,finally always walk on top of your head,


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Many women seen to have an ability to think and act in ways that solve problems. Having babies seems to encourage them to take responsibility for the welfare and flourishing of their children. Many mothers have to tackle life's problems alone if fathers cannot or do not share in the tasks of healthy living. Some men and women are responsible, some are not. In a healthy society, both have the freedom to grow and develop to their full potential. Those societies that limit freedom, or impose rules according to gender fail to empower individual development.
I am so very glad to learn that your society has made changes that empower women to think and act in mentally healthy, mature ways. Everyone benefits by such practices.

I don't understand the meaning of your phrase, "finally always walk on top of your head," Can you clarify it for me?

I am guessing he means "walk with your head held high". 


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