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Vaginas with teeth

I just came across this news story about a South African doctor who's invented a barb-covered female condom to prevent rape. The barbs will…

Started by Sandy

30 Sep 15, 2010
Reply by TNT666

How objectification silences women - the male glance as a psychological muzzle

From Ed Yong's blog:  Not Exactly Rocket Science - science for everyone. For something intangible, a glance can be a powerful thing. It can…

Started by Little Name Atheist

9 Jul 15, 2010
Reply by Fred Werther

Any thoughts on the burka?

Pat Condell certainly has a few. Burqas are a bad idea. I find them to be a running away from personal responsibility by running from id…

Started by Jared Lardo

39 Jul 2, 2010
Reply by Sandy

A call to arms! Atheists around the world must unite against tyranny.

Dear All, I am writing to you from Pakistan. I wish to bring to your attention the fact that Muslims across the world are launching protes…

Started by Younas Chowdhry

4 Jun 27, 2010
Reply by Younas Chowdhry

Connie Schultz - If Sarah Palin is a feminist, then I'm president of the Tea Party

Surprise: Palin's a feminist. Betcha didn't know I'm president of our local Tea Party. I'm also a middleweight boxer. Whew, talk about mu…

Started by Loren Miller

5 Jun 19, 2010
Reply by Jo Jerome

Article defending FGM.

"Statement by African Women are Free to Choose"http://www.thepatrioticvanguard.com/article.php3?id_article=3752I read it twice. Let's just…

Started by Prog Rock Girl

10 May 14, 2010
Reply by Prog Rock Girl

Religion vs. Reproductive Rights

Amanda Marcotte has a great post up at Pandagon: Theocratic or pro-choice: Not much middle ground between them Basically, a blogger called…

Started by Becky Garcia

16 May 13, 2010
Reply by Prog Rock Girl

Should there be better promotion for men to have the HPV vaccine?

So, I teach a femist writing composition class and I did research and realized men actually can and should have the HPV vaccine...Especiall…

Started by Anwar Diamante

9 Apr 23, 2010
Reply by Prog Rock Girl

Should boyfriends/husbands have any say in a woman's choice for abortion?

I'm just curious, as a guy, how women feel about men having say in whether their child will be aborted or not. Not men as a whole, but the…

Started by Noah Petersen

42 Mar 28, 2010
Reply by Jo Jerome


I recently read the book Cunt by Inga Muscio and have had my life changed completely. I was wondering if there are other cunt-lovin' atheis…

Started by Camilla Neneman

2 Jan 18, 2010
Reply by SecretWombat


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