This past April, the Northern Ohio Freethought Society sponsored a "Freethought Fiesta," which among other things featured some terrific Mexican cooking for attendees and a talk by Freedom From Religion Foundation Co-President Annie Laurie Gaylor.  Annie Laurie gave the audience a summary of what the FFRF has accomplished in the field of church / state separation, lawsuits successfully prosecuted and actions currently pending in the courts.

Her talk was recently published on YouTube and I thought I would share it with you.  Please enjoy.

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Excellent information about FFRF successes and activities. Did I hear your name mentioned, Loren? 

I'm pretty sure you did, Joan, in association with the RNC billboard.

Yes, It was about the billboard. You lucky one! Get to work with the activists of your area. The excitement and energy of those types of campaigns leave me with many happy memories. I have reached the promotion level of "Elder" meaning too tired, too sleepy to take an active part. You Go! Loren!

Thanks for sharing this, Loren. Annie Laurie isn't the best speaker, however. I wearied at about 15 minutes. I met her at the first "Reason Rally", and heard Dan Barker debate in Zionsville (IN). Without them, where would we be with regard to separation of church and state? All readers here should support their efforts.

Annie Laurie is a very brave person and I have the utmost respect for her.  She stands tall and never wavers despite the constant attacks she endures both personally and on behalf of the FFRF.

Totally agreed.  Annie Laurie may not be the most rousing speaker in the world, but she is tough stuff.  I'm not certain that "back down" is remotely in her vocabulary!




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