Atheist Guy together with Muslim Girl = Clash of the Titans.....who wins?

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Guy. Or why else is She with a nonmuslim man. She doesn't have the restrictions like she would have in a true Islamic relationship. That is the start her thought evaluation.

Try putting it this way:

Person who lives with sensible rules vs person who not only lives with irrational dictates but whose belief systems specifically target her as a second-class citizen.

Sooner or later, the person living in a religious strait jacket will notice that the person she's living with isn't subject to the restrictions that have been foisted on her, that he has greater freedom of action and thought and is probably inviting her to join him in that freedom.  I think freedom is one of the most attractive concepts available to humankind, and the only reason why someone might reject it would be because of the severe indoctrination and scare tactics we associate with religion in general and islam in particular.  Granted, some people raised with those restrictions act as though they love their chains.  I have to believe that having an example of a LACK of those chains up close and personal would make for an interesting education, though.

I guess you and I know different women - I do not recognize this in any woman I know. I've meet some tough and very determined women in my wife and some more subtle. I've also meet men who I would categorize as more submissive wanting a steady and changeless life. To me, finding a partner that compliments who you are is the key. We're all different - categorizing a whole gender with specific traits is way way removed from reality.

Titans? Really? I see no difference from any other theist here. In the end, reason will win. Once a life-time of indoctrination has no where else to go but out people are free from the stupidity of religion - Islam included.

If both have patience then it's a tie.. :)

I'd like to think it need not be a clash.

Muslim guy together with atheist girl; there's a clash.

C'mon, guys; you know girls have what winning requires.


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