Have any of you gotten your Debaptismal Certificate? I saw it on the FFRF website and I love it.  The certificate reads:

“I, having been subjected to a Christian baptism before reaching an age of consent, or having submitted to baptism before embracing freethought and reason, hereby officially renounce that primitive rite and the Church that imposed it. I categorically reject the creeds, dogmas, and superstitions of my former religion, particularly the pernicious doctrines of ‘Original Sin’ and damnation.
“I further denounce as an affront and defamation to humanity the false and demeaning belief that any baby is born with ‘Original Sin’ and must be cleansed of it by baptism. From this day forward, I wish to be excluded from any claims of religious affiliation or membership based on baptismal records.”

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Lucky me -- since I was never baptized, I don't need any such certificate, LOL!!

But I think it can be deeply symbolic and comforting for those who are uncomfortable with infant baptism.

So get one, and feel good about yourself! :-)

I actually had my baptism reversed.


My mother had my brother, sister, and I baptised Mormon, although she did allow me to stop attending at 13.  For years I was plagued by fervent (albeit nice) missionaries.  When I was about thirty when I called the Mormon Bishop and asked him to remove me from the church membership records; he explained that the process was very "serious" and involved having my baptism reversed. 


Sure, the baptism was silly, but having it reversed was just awesome.  I even received a "damnation" letter (my term, of course). 


Mormon baptise the dead, however, so if my brother outlives me I'm sure he'll have me re-baptised.  :)

Id be interested in the contents of the damnation letter unless it is too personal.
I didn't know about the Mormon's belief/practice of baptizing the dead. It's interesting how every religion have reinvented their own set of beliefs.
That's so great to know that you can actually contact the church and have it reversed! I was baptized in the mormon church at 15, and while I knew of debaptizing, I didn't know the church had a formal way of doing it!
Yes, I got one awhile back. But I want the FFRF one too. Thanks for the link.

I had thought once not of a certificate, but a ritual antidote to baptism.  Mostly it would be just a sheet of paper I would pass out.  The party would be asked to renounce any claim to spiritual privelidge or separateness.


So actually, it doesn't revoke baptism.  But it neutralizes the more negative aspects of it.


It would also say on the sheet of paper that it works just as well for confirmation, ordination, sacramental marriage, and for bar and bas mitzva.

I don't think you can neutralize bar or bat mitzvah, because all it means is that the young person is recognized as an adult (that was a reasonable age in ancient times), and when they've started to get horny, I don't think you can turn back the clock, LOL!!!

I don't think I need one.  See, what happened was I was acidentally baptised twice and I think the two baptisms cancelled each other out :P

You can print one out, for free . . . full-color certificate. But you can also get an official signed and sealed De-Baptismal Certificate sent in the mail . . . signed by ME, an ordained minister who "saw the light." You actually get two: one for yourself to frame and another to send to your church to be asked to be removed from the membership rolls.

I've been trying to get removed from my former church's membership for years.  I actually showed up at one of their services with an atheist t-shirt, and they still keep me there.  What's more, my former church gives out personalized offering envelopes and they keep sending them to me, those poor trees keep dying for nothing!

My point is, after everything I've done to try and quit, they still keep me in their membership, even though I haven't even gone near that church in over a decade!  What do I have to do to get it through their heads?!




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