Early this afternoon I received a Robo-Call from a chicken shit preacher by the name of Prohet Manasseh. My phone number is on the Do Not Call List. This animal called me on my cell phone. I do have unlimited minutes, but do not call me.

His call was about my wanting prayer and he heard I was having a hard time and God told me to call him.


I know it was raining, thundering and lightening in Houston and I did not hear my name called by anyone with the exception of the bartender asking if I wanted another Margarita or Martini.

Here is this idiot's policy on do not call. Check out the link.

DNC Policy

Just be prepared for any assault on your religious rights.

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Try telling him you talked to God, too, and he said the prophet is a phoney and to tell him he is going to hell for bilking his congregants out of their hard earned shekels.

I will try that when I crank him.  I've filed several dnc complaints against this fool and I am prepared to file a lawsuit against him.

Best post title ever!

just looked at his video for 56 seconds and my head almost exploded so had to stop.  wtf indeed. 

Did you read his bullshit dnc policy?  Why are you calling me and I am on the NATIONAL Do Not Call List.

This prophet is not much of a prophet if he did not know the following about me.

  1. I am Atheist
  2. I am on the National/Texas do not call list
  3. I have no intention of giving him any money
  4. I will consult an attorney and sue him

Robo-calling preacher? I am surprised combining two things that suck so hard into one didn't rip a hole in the universe.

I received another call from this maggot earlier this evening.  I know that I am dating myself, but, I do miss Eliot Spicer.  When he was the NY AG, if I wrote a complaint, he took care of this.  The current NY AG is a POS.  All he does is tell you to contact the FTC regarding the DNC list.

Here is what the fake and phony bullsh&t prophet's DNC says.

AT&T will honor "Do Not Call Requests" on this national list as well as state lists when we call prospective customers.

EXCUSE ME??????????????

Prospective customer my a$$.  I called him several times and cussed him out big time on his answering machine.  I told him where to got and take his phony bastard Bubbles aka J.C. with him and shove his bullsh!t.

What a crock of bullsh!t.

I watched the DNC Policy.Freeing the Bobcat I liked.

If, one pledges one gets gifts.

Well,praise the lord.The Profit$$ has it down to a science.

Take the next call and send viral.

Invite Peoples to tell $$theprofit to take a flying f**k in a rolling donut.

I received another call from this idiot last month.  I tried to find out information on his organization through the NY Secretary of State website.  Nothing.  Nada.  The NY AG has blown me off telling me to contact the worthless FTC. 

I would love to find out where he is shooting his bullshit so I can come on the set and beat the crap out of him.  It is probably shot in his bedroom, but that is one room he will experience a nightmare.




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