I've heard many so called atheists refer to the "soul" as if it actually existed.  

My question is:  If you believe humans have a soul are you really an atheist? 

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I finally followed your link.  Wouldn't open the first few times I tried.  Tower of Power - Great!  haven't heard them in quite some time.  some of the best music anywhere came from the bay area.


i've always thought of the soul as a person's personality.  It's hard to explain such a vague concept, but let me try.  It’s a person’s basic thought process.  Does the person normally have a happy disposition?  Or not?  Does the person usually volunteer to help others?  Is the person good with children?  Is the person demanding?  Is the person polite?  The soul is the person.  It’s his thought process.  Or, at least what we see of the person’s thought process.

In my opinion and my opinion only, anyone who knows for sure there's nothing beyond what can be weighed and measured in our physical reality is just as pragmatically blind as the witchburners, bead mumblers, group moaners, and the rest of the "faithful" in this crazy world.  

What's the deal when we meet someone and gain an immediate rapport?  Or when likes or dislikes are immediately apparent?  Our brains operate on many levels.  Things like emotions are not totally, if at all, controlled by our conscious minds.

When we were born, or maybe before that, a recording machine inside our brains turned on and has stayed on ever since.  It's been recording everything we ever saw, heard, smelled, tasted. touched, or experienced in any way. and it 's all in there somewhere.  We'll most likely never be aware of the majority of what's been recorded but our subconscious minds have access to everything in there. Our brains are responsible for so much more in our lives than we realize.

The only gods I truly believe in, are the human brain, and what I see manifested through nature.  To me, karma, or soul, is an accumulation of someone's beliefs and experiences as reflected through their personality.  I don't care about who else uses the words or what for.       

Lemual, you said what I was trying to say, but you said it better. 

I agree with you, Lemual. I don't believe in anything supernatural, but I think nature is more super than people usually consider it to be. Strict empiricism isn't the whole picture, and those who think they know it is are just as doctrinaire as religionists. There's a reason the verification principle fails its own test, and upon this contradiction I will build my atheist/pantheist church.

Actually, there is no reason to think that our experiences are being recorded.  Best evidence now is that memories appear to be the brain's reconstructions of "the way it must have been."  That said, anyone who believes ANYTHING for CERTAIN beyond very very basic stuff like "something exists" etc has not really thought about what it means to say that we know anything.

Absolutes are dangerous because they lead us into situations we can't foresee. For me, is there a god? I'm I am sure there is no Christian god and I'm sure that none of the other  gods of past religions don't exist. Any further than that, I don't know. For myself, I've found that surety can often be dangerous. believing hindsight is 20/20 is a problem in that it may be 20/100 or blind. I've often thought to myself that if I had turned the other way I wouldn't have gotten into trouble, which is truly a false assumption. Example: If for some unknown reason I find myself wandering down an alley and come to an intersection and turn right and a gang jumps me, then I may be tempted to think that if I had turned left things would have been better. I don't know that for sure. I could have turned left and stepped on a high power line that was down. Then I might think if I had continued straight I might have avoided the mayhem only to be hit by a speeding car. My point is that we can never be sure and that's why we rely on science to give us answers until proved wrong. Religion? I am certain there is little to no value in religion. That is my certainty. Soo, I guess that makes me an agnostic  because I rely on science to tell what is real and what isn't, but I identify as an atheist.

To be clear, all an atheist is is someone who doesn't believe in a god. They can believe any other woo out there. Just because you're an atheist doesn't mean you're automatically a scientifically-minded woo skeptic :) 

...all an atheist is is someone who doesn't believe in a god.

Marniphocles, how do you feel about atheists saying there is no evidence that gods exist.

I ask that because money often influences, and may even determine, beliefs.

Despite rewards or punishments, evidence stubbornly remains what it is.

I've often said I have no soul. This always earns me strange looks, its one of the few openly Atheist things I'll say in front of people.

If a soul is a spirit supposedly separable from the physical body or brain that carries it around, then it's just another indefensible, unverifiable claim. On the other hand, I love the album "Rubber Soul" and the songs that talk about it. I don't generally use the word because nearly everyone will misunderstand, and think that I'm referring to the soul-thing religions talk about. My point is that the word means something, insofar as we can all use it freely, but it cannot mean what the religionists and spiritualists think it means. 


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