A friend sent me this link today:  

I couldn't believe it; I thought maybe it was satire a laThe Onion.  So I ran some searches, and it's real. 
How could any elected representative in the USA be so hopelessly ignorant of the constitution and Supreme Court decisions regarding religion in public schools for the past 60+ years?
Has the whole country (or the GOP, at least) lost its collective mind?
(And why isn't the font selector thingie working?  I keep trying to make this whole post in Arial, and it's stuck on something else.  Growl.  Hiss!)

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Oooooh!  I need to add that book to my (ever-growing) collection!  I love snarky humor, especially when it's about religion.

Thanks for mentioning that.

You're welcome.  The author also does a good, and humorous, job of explaining the origins of Christmas traditions in The Heathen's Guide to Christmas: A Field Manual for the War on Christmas

We need to religion completely out of politics. There should be no politicians or christian zealots trying to pass legislation that pushes their dogma in everyone's face.




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