The report found that, "the unaffiliated say they are not looking for a religion that would be right for them. Overwhelmingly, they think that religious organizations are too concerned with money and power, too focused on rules and too involved in politics."

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Wonderful news!!

Thank you Lillie for posting this.

Yes, this is very hopeful news.  Maybe we are seeing a backlash from religion's involvement in politics.

Well it  just follows logic, of course US citizens might gain in knowledge and thus religion will lose.

Neurology is already discovering where god lives (In the Temporal Lobes of Believers) and soon it may be removed from there.

Some of the reasons for a reduction in the religious is a rise in information, as well as religion painting itself to be more sinister and ridiculous with every turn.

Turn on religious radio, television and the mind of new viewers/listeners is bombarded with irrational dialog that to any rational listener comes across as garbage.

It happened in Australia many years ago and now the religious are somewhat of a minority and have no political muscle.   Yet we still get the occasional spokesperson stating they want Australia to return to being a Christian nation, they usually just get laughed at and forgotten about.

Yes, religions, especially Christianity are turning people away with stupidity.

Their web presence can be seen as a disaster for them.

Especially their Creationist sites. Creationism, though not truly Christian is bad for Christianity but superb for us and great for humanity,

At least we have something to thank Creationists for.

Forgive them Christians, for they know not what they do!  ROFL!

Aye M8z!  :-D~

The internet opens up a very broad range of information and people who support non-belief in religion. With books, videos, interviews easily available, people can see there are other people and ways to experience their moral and ethical core. "Good without god!" opens up a new way of being. 

And it continues. It is my theory that religion in this country is only at a 20% level because that represents the population that takes any of it with any sincerity. For the remainder, it is a social club, entertainment and deflector.




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