I just started a petition to have Judge Mark Martin investigated for judicial misconduct for ignoring evidence of an attack by a Muslim on an atheist: https://www.change.org/petitions/judicial-conduct-board-of-pennsylv...

If you haven't heard about the story yet: religion.blogs.cnn.com/2012/02/28/judges-dismissal-of-atheists-harassment-claim-against-muslim-makes-waves/

Please share this petition.

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I originally saw the story a couple of days ago thanks to the Steel City Skeptics blog (I wish I lived in Pittsburgh; sounds like they have a lot of fun.).

Thank you for starting the petition; I signed it, and left this comment:

Why is a Muslim allowed to commit assault on ANYBODY, just because his feelings were hurt? there was also a "Zombie Jesus" in the parade, and nobody seems to have objected to that. What makes Islam "special" in this case? Assault is assault, period.


I just signed it. Sk8ey already anticipated what I would have said: assault by ANYONE on another is already illegal -- how is it that a Muslim got off on a clear case of assault, regardless of religion or anything else? Or is this judge afraid of Muslim fatwas or assassination attempts?

Well, xians have been getting away with murder, genocide, assault, rape, child abuse, fraud, and robbery in North America for centuries, so I guess Muslims (and people who claim to understand their holey book) think they deserve the same "rights."

[sarcasm off/]




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