Is it time to have a TV channel that produces news reports and analysis that argues the atheist point of view?  Wouldn't it be cool to watch documentary of how our lives are evolving as secularist?  Think of the amount of jobs that could be created for atheist thinkers with a televised network.  How would it be funded and where would we put the main building headquarters?  I'm thinking Washington D.C. would be a good place.

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Thank you!  I wonder if existing establishments like the ACLU would be interested?

Certainly, this would be a fantastic idea.  One issue, though: it would require MONEY.  The churches that put up their own stations do it through member tithes, and that money in some cases runs into the tens or hundreds of millions of dollars.  It will take a healthy fraction of that to put up something more than ACA's "Atheist Experience" on public access.  We might get help from the ACLU and the FFRF and other organizations, but in the final analysis, having an actual secular broadcasting system would require individual atheist contributions.

Something at this scale would need atheists to join together, as I discussed here.  Again, I have to ask the question: can we do this without a major anti-atheist incident, or do we have to have our collective noses bloodied before we can act as a group?

I think this conversation is going in the right direction here.  Obviously there are many hurdles but this is how we evolve.  It takes a lot of supportive roles to see growth.  Many atheist, freethinkers, anti-theist are already specialized and can find an area of expertise to engage in and make a collective goal.  I would say most of us do understand and desire separation of church and state in whatever government we have. 


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