Our enlightened founding fathers envisioned a nation that did not have kings with divine rights, nor popes, potentates, absolute monarchs, autocrats, totalitarians, despots, dictators, or tyrants. They were men who could read and write and had  experiences with educated, progressive thinkers. They were men ready to move away from antiquated modes of thinking and ruling. They wanted to be free of the mind-binding that occurred under the dictates of church and monarch.


An opposing force grew beside these men who believed in subordination of women, ownership of humans in a slave relationship and their value system did not question these views. As the world changed around them, their religious conviction enabled them to deny what was changing in social structures and deluded themselves that they were somehow superior to others; they struggle to this day to maintain and perpetuate intolerance and discriminations of all kinds.


Their methods were building hope for a better life and fear of damnation after death. They continue to use ignorance, misinformation, illogical, religiously based thinking and reign over our society through political influences. In the United States, religious right is the most powerful force against rational, secular society. Their hate mongering against women and GLBT continues and even intensifies. Their hate mongering never ends.  


Even as society evolves away from antiquated modes of thinking, progress continues simply because we no longer need kings or potentates. We need an enlightened citizenry, able and willing to learn new skills and move into a New Age.

Pat Robertson Tells Man to Beat his Wife, Move to Saudi Arabia

The foolish man, Pat Robertson, stated he was only kidding ... just like he does not understands the fallacies of his theology. This thinking will end because reasonable, informed men and women refuse to remain silent in face of this outrageous ignorance. 

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I don't think as many people take him seriously as once.  He has been ridiculed by the mainstreat media for some time when he says outrageous things, like blaming Katrina for immorality and the absence of God in the schools.  By now, most people know he is insane.




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