The Great Public Land Heist Has Begun

House Republicans have begun the process to destroy US National Forests.

House bill to sell national forests passes committee

... the House committee on Natural Resources voted to adopt HR 3650 ...

...Republican lawmakers are attempting to transfer control of your public lands from federal to state governments in a thinly-veiled attempt to force their sale for purposes of resourc....

,... this move to transfer ownership of your public lands to states is instead widely understood as an effort to force its sale. According to Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewel, who has spoken out strongly against the heist, states couldn’t even afford the annual firefighting budget such large tracts of land require, positively guaranteeing their sale to private interests.

The land where you and I currently go to camp, climb, cycle, hike, hunt, fish, and paddle is under threat. 

The Teddy Roosevelt Conservation Partnership—an organization of hunters and fishermen—called the bill an “overt attempt to undermine public land ownership.” Its president and CEO, Whit Fosburgh, went on to state, “Make no mistake, these are the first votes on legislation that would legitimize the wholesale transfer or sale of America’s public lands.”

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Forests drying out, insects and diseases spreading, fires burning, extinctions rising,opportunists buying public land and will they tend to the problems lands have? 

I wonder if fires run across private land, will they be able to protect adjoining towns? Will they call on the volunteer fire districts to control fires? Will they pay taxes to support fire districts? Who gains? Who loses? Will the Earth benefit? 

This just burns my butt. How and why can Republicans do things like this? I don't understand it.

Excellent Field & Stream article explains how hunters and fishers lose out permanently when states gain access to federal public lands.


The future of hunting and fishing is under attack. States are trying to wrench control of public lands from the federal government in order to drill, mine, sell off, and—ultimately—steal our national sporting heritage. Here’s why public lands must remain in public hands

Their chart makes it clear.


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