(This is excerpted from a conservative Jewish news site that is more commentary than coverage, but no one else seems to have reported this. -- Josh)

Florida Governor Rick Scott Assisting Jewish Community With Jewish Burial Issues

June 13, 2012

Gestetner Updates


There are specific laws and customs in the Jewish faith that deal with death and treating the deceased with dignity and honor.  Mark Rosenberg is proud and privileged to educate and inform Florida state officials about these very significant issues. . . .


"Just recently," [Rosenberg] says, "a young Israeli biker tragically passed away as a result of a motorcycle accident on I-95.  An autopsy was prevented due to the intervention of Governor Rick Scott and his office".


Jewish law strictly forbids autopsies to be performed, except under specific circumstances, as it is seen as a desecration of the body and painful to the soul. Says Rabbi Oirechman, "The Governor is sincerely committed to doing the right thing, both for the Jewish community as well as for all Floridians."


After that incident, [the] director of the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP), and representatives of the Governor's office, suggested that a meeting be held to prevent issues in the future. . . .


On May 24th, Mark Rosenberg made a presentation to the FHP Commanders of all regions of the State of Florida at the Florida Highway Patrol Training Academy campus. [Rosenberg says] "The authorities are here to help us.  They are more than happy to cooperate with our religious needs.  They just need to be trained and educated about the Jewish laws and traditions relating to death. . . . It is crucial for the ME to understand the significance of this issue according to Jewish law. The ME should realize that we are not trying to undermine his or her authority.  We are just trying to conform to Biblical laws that have been followed for generations. . . .”

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