The Space Coast Freethought Association will sponsor its annual Freethought Day at Disney on October 17th (that's a Saturday) at Disney World. There is a Freethought Day at Disney web site, which contains particulars and will include plans as they develop for this year's event. This is simply a get-together to have fun with some like-minded people and to get to know other freethinkers from around the state. It's a fairly informal affair. Usually we have a few planned get-togethers and make up the rest as we go along, whether as a large group, smaller groups or individuals. Everyone pays their own way. If you think you'll be in or around the Disney World area, consider spending a day at Disney celebrating freethought.

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I’d be interested if you were going to EPCOT but not the Magic Kingdom.
You can't even get a beer in the Magic Kingdom. It's defiantly for kids.
They did EPCOT last year. I think this year they plan to go to the Magic Kingdom. But, as I said, the details will be forthcoming on the web site. The main thing I'm trying to accomplish is to get the word out so that people will know about it ahead of time. I'm a member of the group, but not one of the decision makers.
Some atheists have kids :)
Sadly, atheists with kids (in this economy) like myself don't have MONEY for Disney, but it sounds great another year.




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