Atheists and atheism are getting more positive news coverage these days. We have a long way to go, but this seems to me to be a good sign.

The Miami Herald

Beyond belief: Atheists push for greater visibility and acceptance
There's nothing unusual about churches advertising Sunday services, but South Florida atheists are turning that idea on its head: Why not promote the belief that there is no God?

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Excellent! It's good to see some good coverage for once.
Advertising is pricey and many churches have an endless supply of cash to entice/con others into joining them. One of the problems I have with organized religion is that the members of most churches proselytise and actively seek members. I guess no one wants to feel that their belief system lacks relevancy. Hence, the need to recruit and re-plenish the coffers. They think that somehow a huge membership validates their beliefs, even if they may have doubts. Must keep the flock from straying into real thinking. They must keep the sheeple in line so that the church becomes self perpetuating.
Even when I was actively involved in my church, I always thought that my spirtuality was a very personal thing.
Now that I am a self-proclaimed nontheist (I believe that there may be (a) god/gods/goddesses, but they have nothing to do with me or my life), I still believe that. I want to be left alone to think the way. What I resent and am forced to fight against on a semi-constant basis is the concept that I am "godless". I tell my detractors that I am a moral and good person and I resent them trying to convince me otherwise. What I get militant about is exercising my right to be free from religion. Now that is a cause I could contribute to.



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