Since FSU is SHOCKINGLY lacking an SSA affiliate group, I'm going to start one.  Any interested students, staff, or faculty please contact me.  I would like to get started quickly with a preliminary meeting by the end of the week if possible.  

Any members of other Florida SSA affiliates, I'd love some helpful input on getting started.  Thanks!

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Hi, my name is Tyler Peters and I am a student at FSU and would like to get any of your info so that myself and one or two of my friends can also join any sort of organization that you help to set up. I personally will do what I can when I can to help in any sort of way. This is of too much importantance.
I'd love to have you. So far you're my first response. If you're on FB, I have a group set up there. I have a starter packet, and I need to get some flyers and stuff up on campus, but it's been a busy semester. I'm not really sure on the posting rules either. The last school I went to required everything to be preapproved for posting. Very annoying. It seems that's not necessary, so maybe I can get to that this weekend.
Yeah I would love to be a part of this. I just need the name of your FB group and what not and i'll be good to go.
Hey Lily and Tyler,

I read this post and wanted to get in touch with both of you. My name is Dan Riley and I work for CFI On Campus -- I work to start, sustain, assist and network with freethought groups around the world. I'd love to hear from both of you to help in any way that I can and to have your group affiliate with us, becoming one of the over 200 campus groups that are currently affiliated with CFI On Campus:

My e-mail address is and you can find me on facebook at!/profile.php?id=1265504312. I look forward to hearing from you -- keep up the great work!
There's actually already a CFI-affiliated group on campus. I had thought they'd been disbanded since they're not very active, but they're still there. We're still deciding what to do.
Really? Do you happen to have their facebook page or any contact info? Are you leaning towards starting your own group?

Theoretically, we've started an SSA chapter, but it's still in early infancy. I'm going to talk to the people I've found and see if they want to be absorbed or what.
Thanks, Lily. Just let me know what you decide to end up doing, particularly if you decide to start a new group. I'd love to help in any way that I can.


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