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Comment by Patricia 2 hours ago

I serve plenty of fruit & vegetables, & I do not salt or sweeten any of them. If I do stir fry, I use minimum butter or oils.

Comment by Daniel W 3 hours ago

Thomas, thanks for the articles.  They point to why I don't trust a lot what I read.  

Patricia, I agree with you about watching sugar, salt, and fats.

Comment by Daniel W 3 hours ago

Joan, thank you!  Lots of water under the bridge since then so to speak. 

I have better intentions about vegetables than what I accomplish.  Still, I'm learning.  One thing I like - Take a handful or two of Brussels sprouts cut in half, a similar amount of broccoli florets, a handful of mushroom slices, a bunch of peeled garlic cloves, half an onion roughly chopped.   Pour over them, enough olive oil to lightly coat.  Sprinkle on salt, pepper, oregano or Italian herb, place into large cast iron skillet, bake in 450F oven  15 min, take out carefully - very hot handle! - stir, bake another 15 min, check by tasting, the Brussels Sprouts should be tender and sweet, not bitter.  Otherwise bake a bit longer.    These roasted vegeetables are delicious.

Comment by Joan Denoo 3 hours ago

There are many fresh fruits and vegetables in the supermarkets, they are bright with color, and crisp; there is no reason to get processed foods. 
In our rural community, we have few options, with two grocery stores. Just a few miles south on the highway is Yokes and their fruits and vegetables are as fresh as coming straight from the garden. The celery doesn't bend; it snaps; the carrots stand tall as proud soldiers when prepared for a snack tray; the cantaloupe tastes as delicious as September's crops.

I like them scrubbed and served naked; no need for further seasoning. Or, I chop the naked veggies and put them in a bowl with lettuce. Seasoning for my dressings include dried fresh herbs from my garden, a sprinkle of Bragg Organic Raw Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar With The 'Mother', and a splash of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Sometimes I top my salad with different kinds of cheeses.

My favorite salad is my vegetable salad with bite-sized apple chunks included. I especially like this salad with salmon; it goes well with the flavors of fish.     

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil,

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil,

Comment by Joan Denoo 4 hours ago

I am trying to delete the first greeting to Daniel and Ning, unsuccessfully. If you get two messages, Daniel and Ning, just feel doubly greeted. 

Comment by Joan Denoo 4 hours ago

Happy Fifth Anniversary Daniel and Ning!

Breakfast for two!

Comment by Patricia 6 hours ago

I watch my sugars, salts,  fats, & not only for the health reasons, but for the simple fact I don't like much of it. Sure we occasionally have a prepared food if I'm exhausted, but much prefer my own cooking from scratch.

Comment by Thomas Murray 7 hours ago
Comment by Plinius 10 hours ago

I'm always reading packages in the supermarket and that helps a lot! We're better off buying unprepared food and preparing it ourselves. We've got used to the natural taste of food and don't enjoy food from packages much. The sugar tin is getting dusty... 

Comment by Randall Smith 11 hours ago

Yes, I've read several books and articles about the dangers of sugar and where and how much is added to packaged foods. It's pretty scary. No wonder we're a society of "fatties".

And why do they have to over- salt pretzels?


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