Right off the top, let me say that I am no great beer expert.  I HAVE been drinking more suds lately and enjoying them, but I am nowhere near as well traveled in beer as I am in single-malt whisky.  That said, I wanted to start a discussion about beer, especially since I understand it to be an OLD tradition (started with the Egyptians, so I hear) and one which I do enjoy.

Among my favorites are:

  • Killian's Red
  • Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald Porter
  • Great Lakes Christmas Ale
  • Corona Extra
  • Blue Moon (avec orange!)
  • Dos Equis Amber
  • The Taddy Porter
  • Kingfisher (of India - and great to wash down a hot curry with!)
  • Flying Horse (also Indian)
  • John Courage Director's Special Bitters
  • Guinness (on tap, please!)
  • And just about ANY Sam Adams brew ... EXCEPT the Boston Lager!

Don't ask me why about that last, other than it's a bit too hoppy for my taste.  I like their dark brews.  They have a Honey Porter which is lovely and (I think) an Oatmeal Stout which, while it's no match for Guinness, has its moments.

As to more pedestrian fare, make mine Bud or Coors (the ORIGINAL, NOT Coors Light!), please.  Either work GREAT in front of a baseball or football game, especially with a dog in hand.  I should mention that the brew which bears my surname I wouldn't hit a dead dog with!

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Had a couple of pint's of a guest beer called Abbot's ale, it  was 5.5, their selling it fast, I don't know where it's brewed and neither do the bar staff, but these guest beers are always inexpensive, irrespective of where their brewed.

They've just started a promotion in my local. We're given a card which get's stamped each pint purchased, after five stamps there's a freebee. It's turned me into psychopathic stamp collector!

Suffer, victim!  [grin!]

Official warning from the landlord of the pub to stop trying to seduce the barmaids into giving two stamps for one pint.

Hmph ... spoilsport!  The landlord, that is!

This beer ticket stamping is getting out of control. The barmaid's are going barmy. Everybody seems to recollect not having had their ticket stamped at such and such a time before. One fella came in 3 days later complaining he only had three stamps on his ticket and adamant he always drinks 4 pints. I don't think the landlord will put his name forward for any more 'promotions'.

Yet another trenchant bit of wisdom from Christopher Hitchens:

Cheap booze is a false economy.

After two weeks of peace the cards are back. More arguments and pathological barmaids.

Is there anything sadder (and potentially more dangerous) than a pathological barmaid?!?

Today I was at the grocery store and saw a man wearing a t-shirt that said "In Beer I Trust".

I thought, at least when he wants to see beer, he can find it. Can you say that about god?

Loren, now that I can't drink any longer I've found a perfect ale.

Oh, brother!  "What's in YOUR beer mug?"




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