Ben Falk TEDx Talk: Homestead Resiliency, Food Systems Regeneration

Ben Falk TEDx Talk: Homestead Resiliency, Food Systems Regeneration

Ben is by far my favorite Permaculturist because his compelling story offers options for a change of lifestyle that satisfy. Going back to homegrown foods is not for everyone; it certainly satisfies my needs for creativity, activity, experimentation, and building community.  

Mega-agriculture creates unintended consequences when food is mass-produced for an urban population. I don't want to eat meat and use dairy products that use such procedures on sentient animals. I don't want to eat food that has been treated with all the hormones, insecticides, and herbicides commonly used in large operations. I want to protect the soils from the heavy use of chemicals and mechanical farming methods.  

It is possible for me to raise much of my food; others may not have the interest or the ability to grow food. I am grateful I have the option to choose my lifestyle and still able to do the work. I also have many young family members who show some interest in spending time with me and helping out. 

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Joan, I finally got around to watching this. I wonder if my SIL has ever heard of Ben Falk? I'll ask.




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