This one is out of the freezer today, not the oven......

Nothing is written in stone & I do change one thing or another now & then. Other than the water, the measurements are guesswork.

3 loaves  350*

4 cups warm water

1/4 cup olive oil

1 tsp. sea salt

1 tsp. cider vinegar (optional)

1 round tbsp. honey

1 c. fresh ground flax seeds

2/3 c. bran

2 tsp. yeast 

Whole wheat flour

Mix ingredients, adding whole wheat flour & kneading into ball until not sticky. Cover & let rise for an hour or double in size.

Turn out on floured surface & divide into 3rds. Form loaves, place in greased pans, let rise again about 45 minutes, bake 40 minutes (approx.) at 350*.

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WOW! That looks good. I can only image the fragrance of it when it comes out of the oven. Warm, with some butter, jam, or any other spread, would be delicious. If you don't mind, I'm copying the recipe and putting it my files. Thanks!

One quick thing. About how much whole wheat flour? 2 cups, 3 cups? I realize it's not exact depending on room temperature, humidity, etc. What's the approximate amount you use?

Thanks Patricia. Much appreciated.

Ooooh, that looks yummy!  When I use no white flour, mine doesn't look that good.

Oh, yes. That could be.  I buy Hard Red Winter wheat berries (I think that's what they're called) and grind them myself.  I think I started buying that kind because I was told it stores longer.

I'll try to remember trying another kind on my next purchase.

What grind of wheat are you using? I find that using a finer grind of wheat as opposed to stone ground, which is more coarse, that I get better results when not using white flour. Also you could try to add a tablespoon or two of wheat gluten to help with the rise. I like King Arthur whole wheat.

I thought about that.  My grinder does use stones.  I can easily adjust the coarseness, and I've been thinking I grind most of it fine, but maybe it's not as fine as I think.  I also like the crunch of course bits, so let it grind coarsely for part of the grind.  

Most of the time I add about 50% refined flour to get better results.

I know nothing about grinders so I'm no help there. I like the coarse bits too, so I add in some uncooked steel cut oats for some of that texture. Add it in at the end of kneading or it can cut down the gluten that's formed. mmmm.....crunchy bits......

Sounds so good. Will need to try it. Thank you very much



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