I can still fondly remember the cheese sandwiches my mom and grandma made.  Browed in a fry-pan or on top of a wood-burning stove, preferably with extra sharp cheddar, a little mayonnaise, and margarine on the outside.  One of the top delicious memories of my childhood.

I still make them once in a while, but mine can't compare to those in my memory.

I like all kinds of cheese except most blue cheeses I've purchased.  I've tried those blue cheeses probably 20 times, but they taste nasty.

I did have a Roquefort (cheese) dressing on my salad once in a restaurant in California that was excellent.  I now understand it's a type of blue cheese.  Since then I've only found Roquefort cheese once in a store, and a dressing once.  Although they were good, not nearly as good as that first dressing treat.  

The other cheese I like, that I understand is a blue, is a type of Gorgonzola.  What type I don't know.  I'm going to have to pay more attention if I'm going to talk about it.

I think, like all food experiences, the taste of cheese is dependent on who makes it and with what ingredients.

I look forward to your comments on cheese, especially learning from you.

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ok now I want a toasted cheese sandwich. Chedder. With a slice of tomato. grilled in butter. And a side of tater tots.

I also like to make with dill rye bread, with swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and thousand island dressing. Some thinly sliced onions in the sauerkraut. And a sixe of tater tots.

Tasty sounding recipes.  I've just recently become a fan of rye bread.  I'll have to try that sandwich.  With a side of tater tots sounds good also.

Dill rye bread is something I can't remember seeing or tasting, but I'll look for it.  I do like dill in some things.  Oh, I can try making my own.  I do have a bread machine that hasn't been used in quite a while.  It's easier than making it in the oven, but I've become lazy about using it.

There ia also caraway rye, black rye - I think black due to molasses - and kosher rye. I dont know why it is kosher - maybe they dont mske it on the sabbath. I like most of them.

I should make some bread this weekend. Very therapeutic. And a pie. And some toasted cheese sandwiches.

Ha ha.  Love your desire to make some bread, and a pie, and some toasted cheese sandwiches!  

I feel the urge myself, but being a lazy cook, I'm not holding my breath.  Especially about pie.  Would very much like some now, but I've had almost zero experience and it sounds like work.

Maybe you'll give me some tips on pie-making. Eh?

PS, I see I forgot to capitalize Gromit in my discussion label.  Is there a way to do that now without trashing the comments?

I would leave it as is - I think changing the title messes with the follow function.  Im not sure about that.

I googled on "cheese gromit" thinking that was a special dish.  Is it Wallace and Gromit?

Yes Daniel, I was referencing a comment from Wallace to his dog Gromit that I hear quite often in their comedies.  I hope it's not too esoteric. Seems like most people like those shows.

And a sixe of tater tots.

Possibly potatoes, but the rest is a mystery. Help a poor Dutch?

I think he meant to say "a side of tater tots."  Potatoes in the form of tater tots, as a side dish.

Yes, Spud is right!  Please pardon my clumsy fingers on the keypad!  Add that to my often blurry vision, and typos happen.  It does sound like a word...  Maybe I'll make it up.

Tater tots.

Thanks, Daniel and Spud! It's when I hear more about a subject that I find new words and expressions. Mix those with a typo and I have a puzzle! And I enjoy myself very much!

Every time I see your picture of Tater Tots, I salivate!  I have some in the freezer waiting for me to fry them.  They seem to call my name every time I go past, but I'm waiting until I finish all my bakers, which are sprouting.  

I got them from a store I almost never frequent, and will probably never try again.  They had a $25 off coupon with a $100 purchase, so I bit.  Most of their food is less than tasty and the baker potatoes looked good in the bag, but when I took them out, one of them was green, and some had sprouts.  



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