I can still fondly remember the cheese sandwiches my mom and grandma made.  Browed in a fry-pan or on top of a wood-burning stove, preferably with extra sharp cheddar, a little mayonnaise, and margarine on the outside.  One of the top delicious memories of my childhood.

I still make them once in a while, but mine can't compare to those in my memory.

I like all kinds of cheese except most blue cheeses I've purchased.  I've tried those blue cheeses probably 20 times, but they taste nasty.

I did have a Roquefort (cheese) dressing on my salad once in a restaurant in California that was excellent.  I now understand it's a type of blue cheese.  Since then I've only found Roquefort cheese once in a store, and a dressing once.  Although they were good, not nearly as good as that first dressing treat.  

The other cheese I like, that I understand is a blue, is a type of Gorgonzola.  What type I don't know.  I'm going to have to pay more attention if I'm going to talk about it.

I think, like all food experiences, the taste of cheese is dependent on who makes it and with what ingredients.

I look forward to your comments on cheese, especially learning from you.

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Alright, alright. So I now know what I'm having for supper tonight--a grilled ham and cheddar cheese sandwich using the last of my $12 a loaf gluten free bread I bought at a new bakery (never again). 

Spud, I love blue cheese on salads. Like wine, I'm no expert on cheeses. I just know what I like (or don't).

Talking about wine, since I left the mormon church, I've been trying some of the no-no foods.  Coffee, tea, and alcoholic beverages.

So far, I hate the one kind of beer I've tasted (horribly nasty stuff), and I don't like any drink with more than 3% alcohol (tastes like rotten fruit)(isn't that what it is?).  That is I hate everything except one wine out of the 7 I've tried.

Nice to meet another wine disliker. lol.

I do remember tasting a second kind of beer, and disliking it also.  Don't know what kind it was as it was in a barrel and I didn't think to ask.

I've had a bottle of Vodka hanging around unopened for several years now.  I didn't buy it to drink, just to use for cleaning and other things I've been using rubbing alcohol for, because the Vodka is cheaper.

I opened it yesterday to de-glaze my "non-stick" frying pan that I cooked octopus in because I didn't have any Sherry left.  Octopus produces the stickiest glue of any food I've seen!

Anyway, to make a long story short (too late!), I took a sip of the Vodka and found it unpleasant, and the 50% alcohol almost took my breath away.

The next strongest beverage I've tried was an imitation Port with 20% alcohol.  It was not bad.  A little sweet & chocolatey.

I suppose someone should start a discussion on alcoholic beverages, but I've been reluctant to because I don't know much about them, don't like most of them and don't intend on continuing to drink, at least not more than a taste here & there.  

From what I've read, more than a taste is not good for our health.  Once I determined I had enough self-control not to get hooked on them, I've just been tasting out of curiosity.

Sounds like it's time to start a discussion on beers and ales and other things brewed!

Go ahead - the more the merrier!

Mindy, is the reason you can't take wine is that your stomach reacts badly to the 10% or so alcohol, or because it doesn't like something in the grapes?

In my original post, it sounds like my grilled cheese sandwiches these days are not very good, but to clear-up any misunderstanding, they are very good.

Two days ago, I wanted one, but didn't have any cheddar, so I used pepper jack and loved it.

That's some mixed heritage Mindy!  

One of my sisters almost married a Blackfoot Indian.  We live very close to their land in this part of Idaho.  My heritage is mostly Welsh, English, Scottish, and Swiss or Swedish (forget which one).

I like Swiss cheese quite a bit.  It's one of the cheeses I enjoy eating without anything else.

You might try baby Swiss.  It's a bit "softer" tasting.  My wife and I enjoy it on her Reubens sandwiches ... NUMMY!

LOVE cheese, from Kraft singles to bleu cheese dressing for my Buffalo chicken wings to muenster (or MONSTER) cheese (great for grilled ham & cheese sammiches!), Parmesan for Italian dishes and mozzarella for pizza to The Laughing Cow stuff for a snack.  Never tried Limburger and not certain I need to, but cheese is pretty much an essential part of this guy's diet!

Limburger has a strong taste, both creamy and sharp, and the smell is so strong that you can lean on it.


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