I can still fondly remember the cheese sandwiches my mom and grandma made.  Browed in a fry-pan or on top of a wood-burning stove, preferably with extra sharp cheddar, a little mayonnaise, and margarine on the outside.  One of the top delicious memories of my childhood.

I still make them once in a while, but mine can't compare to those in my memory.

I like all kinds of cheese except most blue cheeses I've purchased.  I've tried those blue cheeses probably 20 times, but they taste nasty.

I did have a Roquefort (cheese) dressing on my salad once in a restaurant in California that was excellent.  I now understand it's a type of blue cheese.  Since then I've only found Roquefort cheese once in a store, and a dressing once.  Although they were good, not nearly as good as that first dressing treat.  

The other cheese I like, that I understand is a blue, is a type of Gorgonzola.  What type I don't know.  I'm going to have to pay more attention if I'm going to talk about it.

I think, like all food experiences, the taste of cheese is dependent on who makes it and with what ingredients.

I look forward to your comments on cheese, especially learning from you.

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Can't remember if I've ever tried Limburger, but will if I get the chance and it doesn't cost an appendage or 2.


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