What do you like?  For me it's starchy foods, mostly baked.  Pies, breads, casseroles, pastas, tamales, dumplings.

I like cooking the breads, casseroles, and pies.  A weekend without a pie is wasted.

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Starchy food is great comfort food! Not to mention salty licorice, which can really get me in the mood for chain-eating...  But most of the time I try to be sensible and stick to my Paleo-diet.

I couldnt survive on Paleo diet. Unless the Ancients ate potatoes. The Ancient Incas must have, but I think that was much later than paleolithic times.

Oooo, dumplings!  Manna from h.... a good cook.

Unlike gardening however, cooking is a chore for me.

I love tortilla chips -

Me too especially with some good salsa and cheddar
I've been eating a lot of super nachos. Chips, vegan chili, salsa, shredded cheddar cheese. Microwave it, top it with sour cream.. Quick, easy, and maybe even nutrious.

Mmmmm, got to try that.  I've never put sour cream on them.  

Oh, wow! Sour cream is the perfect topper for most Tex-Mex things (or authentic Mexican.).  Makes it all smooth and velvety.  Ooooooooh.

Not sure if these are comfort foods, but some of my favorite foods are chocolate ice cream, garlic chicken pizza, root beer floats, huckleberry milkshakes, and the best of all, mashed potatoes with brown gravy!

they spund like comfort foods to me!

Okay ... I don't claim that this is healthy or remotely organic or any of that crap ... but then since when is comfort food supposed to be necessarily ANY of those things!

McDonalds Double Cheeseburger ... NOT the McDouble and NOT a Quarter Pounder with Cheese, though that's not bad ... but the Double Cheeseburger ... preferably two of 'em to properly sate my need.  There is something about how they feel in my mouth that just ... WORKS.

The other thing is perhaps a bit more healthy: Minute Maid Orange Juice, no pulp, the kind that isn't frozen.  Note that it needs to be properly shaken ... aerated ... to get the full effect.  There have been times when I'd swear I could down an entire bottle at a sitting, it tastes that good.

Heh!  I thought the whole point of "comfort food" was/is supposed to be things that aren't necessarily "healthy."... At least what the Food Police are calling "healthy" this week.

A nicely marbled rare-ish steak is comforting to me, because it means that somebody else is buying the dinner.  ;> )


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