What do you like?  For me it's starchy foods, mostly baked.  Pies, breads, casseroles, pastas, tamales, dumplings.

I like cooking the breads, casseroles, and pies.  A weekend without a pie is wasted.

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I put a leftover gingerroot in a pot last year. Plenty of light, water and room temperature and it grew, made shoots of almost a metre but it didn't flower - perhaps next summer. I gave it a winter rest with less water; it kept one shoot with leaves and dropped the others. The root is now three times as big as a year ago, but I haven't tasted it yet, I want to see the flowers first.

Chris thanks for the info. That tells me there is a chance mine will grow too. 3 times as big sounds impressive to me. I hope it blooms for you. Are your rooms warm? Cool?

About 19 °C or 65 °F in winter and warmer in summer.

My house should be fine for them then.  I think the websites said 80s or 90s.   So maybe 27 to 32.  I think maybe that's optimum, but it things don't always have to be optimum.

"White ginger blossoms" smell so sweet that someone wrote a song about them long ago.  I hope both of yours bloom profusely!  You'll slide off your chairs in ecstasy.

The "floral" aspect of fresh ginger root seems lemony to me...like lemon blossoms rather than the fruit.  I love it...

My sister got a small bit of ginger root to sprout in a pot, but she's always in too much of a hurry to plant things in the ground, so it probably died.  (She did that years ago to a beautiful orchid that a friend gave me...it put out two gorgeous spikes full of flowers when it was in the house.  Then she planted it in the patio, and it died.  Didn't ask me if she could do that...  Living with an Aspie can get tedious sometimes.)

Comfort foods for me: broiled chicken with the skin on so it gets all crispy, fried butternut squash with gravy (made from the broiled chicken), rivel soup (a milk soup with dumplings that comes from my mom's amish side of the family), apple pie made with a few splashes of heavy cream and a crumb topping-heavy on the cinnamon, grilled cheese sandwich made with havarti cheese, peas with butter, warm chocolate chip cookies, popcorn made with the smallest popcorn kernels you can find, toasted pitas with hummus, a slice of homemade bread still warm with a large pat of butter melting on it, shepherd's pie. This list could go on...

Tee-hee!  Right now I am comforting myself with hot cocoa & marshmallows.  I'm supposed to make sugar-free from scratch (diabetic) but I'm too lazy at the moment, so I'm using a mix, and adding half & half to make it richer.

I am usually a big time tea fan, but I'm just getting over 3 weeks of a gout attack...first one in 10 years....and was told to cut down on everything acid for a while.  So Hot cocoa, and even hot vanilla-flavored (or almond-flavored) whole milk are great bedtime drinks.

I think I'm going to make a quick chicken stew with leftovers tonight, and bake it with biscuits on top instead of a crust.  I have several kinds of chicken, ham, and beef base in the fridge...easy to make gravies and stocks with....

Hmmm...I also have a meaty ham bone in the freezer, and a bag of split peas....but not tonight.  Have to thaw the ham bone first.

Reg, what brand of Popcorn do you recommend?  Most of the ones I've tried have lots of hard bits left, and I'm trying to save my teeth.  Do the small kernels taste better, have less hard bits, or both?

I get one called Ladyfinger (that's the type, not a brand name). It's called hullless, but you still get some hulls although they tend to be more tender. I buy it from the local Amish bulk food store, but I see you can get it off of Amazon. The "meat" (or whatever you call the inside part) tends to be more tender, but the taste is pretty much the same. I think they're a bit less styrofoamy if you know what I mean.

Thanks.  I think I know what you mean by styrofoamy.

I think I've said that I don't like coffee as a drink, but do like some coffee ice cream or creamy coffee-flavored candy, once in a while.

Well!  I found a hot cocoa mix that made me slide under the table in ecstasy yesterday.  Ghirardelli Chocolate Mocha  Oh, my nerves, is it ever GOOD!  You mix the powder into hot milk...I used a little bit less powder than suggested because I didn't want a caffeine blast, and it was lovely.  (I only bought it because it was on sale...a dollar off!  Worth it!)

Try it, if you can....if you shop at Safeway, or any of their offshoots, look for the sale price.



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