What do you like?  For me it's starchy foods, mostly baked.  Pies, breads, casseroles, pastas, tamales, dumplings.

I like cooking the breads, casseroles, and pies.  A weekend without a pie is wasted.

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My pleasure, everyone.

This isn't exactly a comfort food, but it's one of my faves...a jellied, or molded, salad that one of my aunts used to make for the winter holidays.  Red, green and white. 

Use a large can (at least a quart) of tomato juice, V8, or some other red tomato-y juice, and enough Knox gelatine to make it fairly solid (1 envelope to a cup or a cup and a third of juice.).  I like to use Original V8 and a small can of Snap-e-Tom.

1 or more avocados, sliced not too thin.
Some pimiento-stuffed Spanish olives, sliced crosswise into quarters
Squeeze of lemon or lime juice

Make the juice mixture according to Knox directions, pour about a half inch into a flat-bottomed 2" deep pan, ring mold,  individual serving molds, whatever suits the occasion.  Chill till almost set. Keep the rest of the juice/gelatin mixture at room temperature.

Peel and slice the avocado(s) while you're waiting for the layer of tomato aspic to chill, squeeze lemon or lime juice over the slices to keep them from turning brown.

When the bottom layer is semi-set, arrange the avocado and olive slices on top in any pattern you like. Gently press them just a wee bit into the gelatine.

VERY carefully pour or ladle the all rest of the tomato juice/gelatine liquid on top of the avocados and olives, trying not to disturb your pattern.  Chill till completely set.

When you're ready to serve it, loosen the mold the best way you know how (depends on if you're using a metal pan/mold or glass dish).  Put a serving platter over the top of the mold, and turn everything over so the salad drops on the dish, with the avocado/olive pattern showing all its glory on top.

Serve with dressing made of equal parts of sour cream and mayo, with just enough horseradish to give it some zing.

If you want more "heat," add canned jalapeno slices instead of, or in addition to, the olives.  (I happen to LOVE salty Spanish olives...preferably soaked in gin....tee-hee!)


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