Get a shovel, get a pitchfork, get your community together and get to work

The Gangsta Gardener of South Los Angeles

"healthy food is a basic need. Why should your food make you sick? For me, planting a seed in South Central [Los Angeles] has turned into a planet-wide movement. Kids in India are calling themselves gansta gardeners. I get calls from The Netherlands to London and everywhere in between. A lot of people are realizing food is our medicine."

"Rooftop gardens are being put up in downtown Los Angeles to help feed the homeless. I’m doing consulting work with Los Angeles Unified School District. Kids are eating garbage and you expect their minds and bodies to develop? Grade school kids are having heart attacks, and it’s not from a lack of food, it’s from a lack of real food."

~  Ron Finley

Wow! I wonder if this man has calluses, blisters and splinters? Oh well, if he can convince people to grow gardens he can look as fine as he wants. 

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Oh good! Here is the man, Ron Finley, getting blisters, calluses and splinters. My kind of chap. 




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