(Belated in many time zones....)

A few bits from the Hang With Friends comments worth preserving and sharing:

The pi rat pirate pie rat pie at instructables.com:


sk8eycat: Vons/Safeway is actually having a "Pi Day" sale!  I'm always amazed when Marketing people actually do something clever instead of the same-old same-old.

And booklover pointed out that the mirror image of 3.14 is delicious!
Here's a version where the font makes it clearer:

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Somebody has too much time on their hands! 

Oh! come on Joan, have a little fun! Take the day off and just celebrate it. Do you have anything better to do? No! I didn't think so!

I smile.

yay cool yummy pie

This year we celebrate pi day more precisely than ever: 3/14/15!

March 14, 1879
Albert Einstein, Date of birth
Here is another bit of information of interest to Pi Day

Here's another take on that last:


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