This Farm Is Betting Big on Chocolate-Eating Cows

As someone who eats a small portion of chocolate most days, this is nauseating. You've no doubt read about climate change threatening cocoa production, and are aware that there are people starving. Capitalist logic makes it profitable for this farmer to buy ten tons of chocolate a week to feed his cows, for premium beef flavor.

...  chocolate-fed Wagyu is the new luxury beef, an Australian cattle farm claims.

Scott De Bruin, managing partner of 171-year-old Mayura Station, wants everyone to know his cows are eating what he calls only “the best”: Cadbury’s chocolate, along with gummy bears and other ingredients.

There isn't even a word for ecological evil, that could be used to label such products.

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Ugh - talk about compounding the indulgent inefficiency of eating so high on the food chain to begin with! (Says this meat-eater...)

But the great and holy Free Market will cure all ills! :) :) :)

I'd rather eat my chocolate and enjoy its flavor directly, thank you very much!

Truly bizarre, not to mention, greed trumps common sense and species-specific foods for cows.
It is like feeding a cat a vegan diet. 

Chocolate can be used for recipes with poultry, such as Mexico's Chicken Mole, but then, the chickens were not fed chocolate.




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