oh my goodness. This sammich I just made. Took the frozen avocado from the freezer and blendchopped it up smooth and creamy and slathered it on toast. Cooked a steak on the skillet with mushrooms and red onion. Threw it all on the toast and laid down a slice of mild cheddar and BAM! YUM!

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How do you freeze avocados?  We have an old Fuerte' tree (didn't do well this season) that sometimes puts out more fruit than we can eat or give away,  Never tried freezing them!

I don't know how good my idea is but I skinned and cut them in half and removed the pit of course then squirted lime on them and put them in freezer bags.

Our next crop doesn't come in till December, but I will experiment...especially if the local squirrels don't pick the tree bald again.

Melanie, I too like steak sammiches.

In place of avocado, mushrooms, red onion and cheddar, I pound freshly crushed black pepper into the steak and broil it. Sometimes in place of bread I use knife and fork.




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