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Excellent videos.  

Durian is an ugly fruit, smells putrid, tastes very good if you can keep the olfactory tract disengaged. They are about the size of a large cantaloupe or medium to large watermelon. I bought it from street vendors, who opened it with a machete, and I used a napkin to peel the sections out of the shell, trying not to get any on my hands or clothes. I held my nose closed with a tissue as I ate these outdoors while watching elephants. 

Lychee tastes wonderful! sweet with a tart tinge. I would go to the street vendor and buy a paper sack full to eat in my room. Each fruit is about the size of a prune. To open them, use your thumb nail to pray it apart at a joint. By the end of the evening my thumbs were sore. Lychee can be found in Spokane stores in June, however they loose a lot of flavor in transport from Indonesia. 

Do You Lychee? Yo Mon Does!

"fruit has become bland".  I agree.  I almost never eat fruit from the grocery store anymore.  Bland is the word.

"thousands of varieties of mangos"  Wow.  Never knew that.  

The apricot-plum hybrids sound good.

Home grown fruit is so much better, they don't even seem like the same thing.  Grapes grown at home are like candy in comparison.

For a few years I grew an aprium - 3/4 apricot 1/4 plum.  They were so good.  Like an apricot soaked in honey.  Then there was a frost while blooming, and the entire tree died. 

Most of the Zaiger hybrids are suited for California conditions. I also have some of their genetic dwarf peaches.  They get a crippling disease each year, peach leaf curl, that usually kills off most of the peaches, then the tree recovers in the summer.  The blossoms are beautiful, but I often don't get peaches.  I have their peach/plum hybrid.  It's OK but also gets some leaf curl. I think our summers are not conducive to full flavor development of that one.

Their latest is a Peacotum - a peach/apricot/plum.  They report the flavor as blending the parental flavors, sort of a fruit cocktail flavor.  I thought about growing it, but that early frost issue plus the peach leaf  curl...  so I haven't.

I think there's a bit of that fruit hunter in me.  I have frequent the fig afficionado websites, exchanging cuttings.  If they survive the winter, and bear this year, there will be varieties not known to have grown in Pacific NW before. 

I thought I remembered you growing an aprium as I was typing about it.  Sorry to hear it died.

I'd love to try new varieties of fruit if I had the land.  Maybe continuing to read your posts will eventually motivate me enough to find some land I can afford, preferably in a warm climate.

Do you know why they called mangos the king of fruits.  Because of the taste, or the variety, or what?

I've only eaten one mango.  It was from a grocery store and I was not impressed.


I suspect the same is true for mangos as other fruit - picked unripe for shipping, variety chosen for appearance and durability, and growers like to stick to a limited number of varieties.

It might be storage and other factors too. I bought apples at one store here, and they were mealy and bland.  Apples at another store were juicy, tart, and full of flavor.  Both were Honeycrisp apples.




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