I just purchased the ThermoWorks Extra Big and Loud Timer, and love it!

This is the first timer I've had that I could hear. It is LOUD! My weak ears appreciate that.

It also has a large display, which my bad eyes appreciate.

It also has large buttons, which my big fingers appreciate.

It also has two strong magnets that clamp it to almost any magnetic material.

It appears to be solidly constructed.

I ordered it on a Friday, and it arrived on Saturday, the next day, even though I selected the cheapest shipping.  Wow!  What a great company!  They have many other instruments that I like the looks of, and will order some when I can afford it.

I have one complaint. The lowest volume setting is still to loud when I'm setting it. It hurts my ears some. However, they do say it's for loud professional kitchens, so I can't downgrade them for that. Also, it has so many good qualities, that it deserves the 5 star rating I gave it on Amazon.

It cost me $33, which is a lot of money for a person with my low income, but it's still worth every penny. In fact, after a week, I purchased another for my entertainment room, and it also was ordered on a friday, and arrived on saturday, the next day.

Most of the other 240 people that left comments, loved it also.


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One reviewer on Amazon said she was surprised one day to hear it when she was outside with the door closed.

Not looking for a loud one yet, but I'm glad the one you got works well.  I have a timer on the stove, the microwave next to the stove, and a pretty loud one on my iPhone. There's times when I use all three.

I can just barley hear my microwave finish ding when I'm in the same room.

Another thing I like about this timer is that it beeps for one minute, is silent for 30 seconds, beeps for 5 seconds, is silent for 30 seconds, beeps for 5 seconds, and continues that until you turn it off.

It also used a 9 volt battery that other reviewers say lasts a long time.

All my previous timers turned-off after one minute.  If I was busy doing something I didn't want to quit, I sometimes forgot to do what the timer was set to remind me to do.

Does it brew coffee?

Wouldn't surprise me 

I love that dog. Looks like my Boston. Except for the teeth. And mine is black and white. So it looks nothing like my Boston. Other than they are both Bostons. Lol

I wonder if there's a gadget you can plug an electric kettle into, to provide some sort of beep or ding when the water's boiling and the kettle turns off.

Here's one if you're a do it yourself person:  http://electronicsforu.com/electronicsforu/circuitarchives/view_art...

I run water, without coffee grounds, through my coffeemaker.

While heating the final half cup of water it makes gurgling noises I can hear across the room and thirty minutes later the automatic shutoff turns the heat off.

I now have 5 of these beauties.  I have 2 in my kitchen, and 3 in my entertainment room, where I spend most of my time.  Sometimes, I have all 3 set to remind me of 3 somethings.   When going outside to work, and want to time something, I take one from the kitchen, set the volume on high, and put it near where I'm working.

I don't know why, but Amazon now charges $57 for one, whereas ThermoWorks only charge $29+$4 Shipping, and they often have sales.  I got my third one for $25 including shipping, and my last 2 for $21 each, including shipping.  The address is:  http://www.thermoworks.com/?gclid=Cj0KEQjw57W9BRDM9_a-2vWJ68EBEiQAw...

One of my first ones went bad after a few months.  I called ThermoWorks and they immediately shipped me a new one without me needing to send the old one back.  It arrived the next day by FedEx, as have all the ones I've purchased.

These timers operate differently than all the cheaper once I've bought at local stores, so there's been a learning curve for me.  I've finally learned to set them without thinking it through.  Because of how loud they are, I've also (very quickly) learned to keep a finger over the sound hole when I'm setting them.  I've got the 3 here in my entertainment room magnetically stuck to the safe, where they stay put, but are easily pulled-off to set. 

The two in my kitchen are magnetically stuck to the refrigerator.  However, the frig has a deeper coating, so they slide down a little each time the door is opened & closed.  I stopped that by putting a thin strip of magnetic material horizontally on the frig, and slide them down until their magnets rest against that strip.  Works well.

They're available in 9 colors now.  Well, actually, 7 colors plus grey and white.  My first 2 were grey (nearly black), because that was the only color available at the time.  My last 3 are white (Much easier to see in a dark room when watching a movie).




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