Saute in a couple T of Sesame oil until almost done:

bite size vegetables of many kinds.

Add sauce:

1 c Dashi

1/2 c Mirin 

1/2 c Saki

1/2 c Soy sauce.

Some like 1/4 c sugar; I don't. 

Add: heaping teaspoon Sambal or to taste.

Combine and pour over pan, cook until slurry is cooked:

1/2 c Dashi

1 Tablespoon rice flour. 


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Good recipe Joan! Most of the time I'm too lazy to read a recipe, but I just look around in the kitchen and throw in anything that might combine...

Your recipe is close to how I make my stir fry. I use chili powder to heat it up. Never added any flour. Oh yes, and I use coconut oil as my oil of choice. Thanks for sharing.



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