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Comment by Idaho Spud on Sunday

I've lost my taste for eggs, but have started eating about one a day for a week now.  I put them in dishes that have quite a bit of carbohydrates but little protiens or fats.  That's to keep my blood sugar levels low.

It sounds like that may be too many for my health, so I'll try finding something else to add protien and or fat to those dishes. 

Comment by Idaho Spud on Sunday

Wikipedia claims that canola oil has no bad effects on health and probably some good ones.

Comment by Daniel W on Sunday

I also use cast iron for all of my frying or saute, and a lot of baking.  For bread or pies I use pyrex and for cassetole I use pyrex or old Corningware ceramic.

Im snnoyed about that canola study.  Maybe its only an issue with high amounts. 

I have about one egg per day.  Those are from our own free range, home raised chickens and ducks. 

This week I was tired ftom a room remodel project and bought some deli potato salad instead of making it myself.  I couldnt put my finger on why it tasted so odd.  Then I realized, it was very sweet!  Do they really have to put sugar in almost everything?  I usually read labels and dont buy things with added sugar, but didnt think to check potato salad.  It was Kroger label.


Comment by Randall Smith on Sunday

As for popping popcorn, I bought a "hot air" popper last year. That eliminates using any oil. It makes really good popcorn, but with no oil for adhesive, salt doesn't stick to the corn. I alternate between oil and air.

Regarding eggs, I'm torn. Good or bad for us? Very controversial. I'll eat one (organic) about every 3 days.

This morning, I had hot oat meal with some of my white peaches (from freezer) serving as a sugar substitute. It worked! I'm having a blood test tomorrow (Mon) in preparation for a doctor visit the following week. So, I'm trying to "sugar fast" to keep my triglyceride number low. Yeah, it's cheating!

Comment by Thomas Murray on Sunday

   The only time I use butter is for frying eggs, over easy on a cast iron frying pan. I will NOT use any other pans coated or non coated... it must be cast iron..period. Along with my two eggs are two slices of sour dough bread, toasted, and buttered and never without my companion coffee.

 For whatever reason, eating two eggs for breakfast has a calming effect on me.I did a little research on eggs and found that eggs have certain properties, besides proteins and D,  that enhances a persons well being. I do not have the article but perhaps someday I'll find it again and post it here.

  While we are a it, playing opera helps chickens lay more eggs....

Comment by Daniel W on Sunday

Thomas, thank you for the report!

I use mostly olive oil for cookin, including saute, stir fry, and my morning hash browns and egg.  I do use a fair amont of canola, mainly in breads and frequent popcorn.  Guess I should change that to either coconut or olive oil.  I also use too much butter.

Coconut oil tends to smoke when I make popcorn, but it tastes good anyway.

Comment by Randall Smith on Saturday

Thanks, Thomas. Interesting article, albeit too technical for me.

I use 3 oils, depending on the situation: olive, canola, and coconut. Don't ask me what the "situations" are! I do know that olive oil "breaks down" when heated above 300 deg. I use it mainly at room temperature. Otherwise, I prefer coconut oil for cooking.

Comment by Thomas Murray on Saturday

Hi guys,

I've always used olive oil for cooking and vegetable oil for baking. I thought to post this article link here for anyone using canola oil in their foods.

I have never used canola oil but I've heard people use it for salads. Anyways, I hope nobody here is losing their minds over canola oil.

Comment by Idaho Spud on Friday

My mother made grilled cheese samiches with mayonnaise, so that's how I've always made them.  She also used margarine, which I still prefer the taste of more than butter.

Comment by Daniel W on Friday

Chris, I put nasturtium leaves into salads.  They have a peppery flavor, quite delicious.  Next year, I should try the flowers.

Many websites now state the secret to a good grilled cheese sandwich is mayonnaise.  Here is a NY Times description.   I  just made one as follows:

Preheat skillet on medium heat.

Spread butter on one side of two slices of bread.  Place butter side down.

Let brown slightly.  The spread mayonnaise on other side, place in skillet mayo side down.  Place slice of cheese on each slice.  i used pepper jack.

When cheese is soft, fold one over onto the other.  Press down a little with spatula. It's done.

I thought this was very good.  The last time I made a grilled cheese, it didn't come out as good, so maybe this is a better way.  But my dad used to make them, using margarine, and those were good too.


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