I hear sometimes about how hard it must have been to turn away from a Pentecostal lifestyle...being compared to how much easier it would be for a Baptist, etc. to walk away from Xianity.

Granted, maybe my upbringing was more fanatical, but I personally think that any connection to a 'god' can be harmful and difficult in it's own way.

I'm very interested in finding out other people's denominations/sects and how they see this.

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Started out as a Catholic. Was also a Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist for a time.
I started out as a Catholic then went through a number of other sects, Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist etc. and finally chucked the whole deal first as a deist, then an agnostic and finally threw of the yoke completely and declared myself Atheist. The whole process took from age 20 to age 45.
I don't think I ever was a denomination, religion never quite got it's hooks into me in that way.

The Church I was taken to as a child, if I can distinguish it like that, was a United Reformed Church set up my some ex-pat Scottish Presbyterians living south of the border.

My memories of it are mostly centred on the Sunday school / crèche part - where there was some religion on show but mostly arts and crafts. I remember making cristingle candles out of satsuma, a candle and some tine foil, shredded wheat nests with chocolate eggs in for Easter and inordinate amounts of glitter and non-toxic glue

I do remember we had children's bible's there becuase it had "good news" on the front. I always wondered but never asked what that was supposed to be. To me good news would be "schools cancelled" or "free Nintendos." But it was just a story book about stuff I largely didn't understand. It always impressed me that the pages were so thin and the drawings so terrible. I remember we covered the usual, loaves and fishes, good Samaritans and they were to me just stories.

In fact a great deal of the experience sailed me by completely.

I was back there recently (mum still goes so I get roped in for doing the heavy lifting)

And I made a point of detouring through the kids bit - and on the wall were heavily glittered decorative posters saying things like "Jesus's loves changes me like a butterfly." (on a cut-out piece of card in the shape of a butterfly.)

Which as a metaphor fails utterly - Christians don't pupate (... or do they?) but I thought was emblematic of why they failed to get me. I still have no real idea what that means twenty years later.
I was raised very fundamental, Independent Baptist. We did not belong to the Southern Baptist Assoc. because "those" people were too liberal!
Raised Pentecostal. With the whole speaking in tongues and baptism in the Holy Spirit. It's pretty terrible, but the worst of the worst are the Charismatic denominations. They're all about the "signs and wonders", which involve ridiculous claims like gold dust appearing on people's palms, people sweating holy oil, and diamonds and angel feathers falling from the sky. My father once invited one of those lunatics to a youth retreat, and the guy was all talk. The only spectacle was his ability to bully teens into buying into his garbage. It just made me despise religion even more.
I was raised in both pentecostal (assemblies of god) and independent baptist churches. There were some differences in opinion about speaking in tongues, how much whooping and hollering was permissible, and the unofficial dress codes. Other than that there wasn't much of a difference in ideologies. I saw the baptist church as stuck in the '50s and the pentecostal as more relaxed but essentially they were pushing the same messages. Praying to jesus for salvation, symbolism of baptism, free will, the devil was out to get you, the Moral Majority was right, patriotism=belief in god/jesus=patriotism, etc. When I realized they were poisoning my mind I didn't flee one and not the other I left hating both equally.

Perhaps if I were able to live out the scenarios of growing up baptist only, and then growing up pentecostal only , I could compare them. I could possibly say "Yes leaving one was easier than leaving the other." But to me they were always an equal influence despite the differences. So from my experience neither one was easier/more difficult to leave. They both fed me full of self loathing, doubt, fear, hate, anger, depression and an in ability to cope or function as a human being. It took me just a moment to recognize that I needed to leave and it's taken me 18 years to learn what was wrong and how to move beyond that programming.

Southern Baptist in the buckle of the bible belt.

I was brought up as a Mormon. I just quit the church and god a little over a month ago after 18 years of lies. Before I quit, the members told me that they loved me and would be there for me "no matter what". Since I quit the church and god, these people have not spoken one word to me.

I was brought up Lutheran, LCMS, and also attended one of its colleges. I also taught at a Lutheran school for 3 years. Reading the "Bible" for the third time caused me to question its killing/contradictions and doctrines of denominations. I also read a couple of apologetic books while doing that. I then evolved to deism, then to agnosticism, then to atheism.




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