Starting this thread for topics related to this group's forum here.

When I started this group, I used my own photo (flower and butterfly) for the Former Christian avatar/logo/pic. I didn't realize an avatar would be required for each group and being new to all this and just wanting to get things started, I used my own photo.

I just now switched to another photo I had of a church steeple because I'd prefer to use the butterfly/flower avatar as my own avatar.

I don't know how this new photo looks because I couldn't preview it. We don't have to keep this church steeple photo (provided it does load properly) if anyone has any ideas, please share them here and we'll see if we can agree on an avatar that we can all live with.


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I actually think a church steeple sounds like a fine avatar. It would at least be a reasonable representation of the life we all left.
Or on FIRE! :P
I never did get back to this. :(
That's cool!



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