Don't know if this list is still active, but I
Think you can't do better for bad movies than the ones the msties have done. I cried when the show went off the air. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Any other fans out there?

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Yes I love MST3K - very good show.

I was a big fan too, and was highly upset when they went off the air. I don't recall the movie, but the first time I saw MST3K (my son turned me on to it), the opening scene was a guy chasing a black cat through a graveyard at night.  I recall  hearing the comment, "Here kitty, kitty. I need to make a taco." I was laughing so hard, I had tears in my eyes. After that, I was a devoted fan.

Very funny show Pat. I miss it being on TV too.

There are some newer shows with mike nelson and the other guys without the robots.  I think they are called the film crew. Worth watching.  Available from Netflix.  A way to get your mst3000 fix.  




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