The awesomeness of Samurai Cop is impossible to describe. It tells the story of Joe "Samurai" Marshall and his partner, whose name escapes me so I'll just call him Samurai Murtaugh, two cops on the edge who must go out and bust the Katana Gang. Robert Z'Dar (AKA Maniac Cop) plays Yamashito, the hitman for the Katana Gang. Instead of describing this movie, I can do one better. I found the entire thing, tits and all, on youtube. Enjoy.

(note: I can't figure out how to embed videos on AN, the link is to part one of ten, it's pretty easy to find the other parts. Sorry about that)

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I haven't seen this one yet.  For some reason the description given reminds me of Sgt. Kabukiman NYPD.

The video is gone; youtube account was terminated.  I'll try to find it again. 

Found a hilarious clip from this movie.......


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