Beginning 01/01/10 with the launch of our full website, the Foundation will host a multi-author invitational blog centered on big issues in philanthropy and humanism.

If you know an atheist/humanist who is already blogging brilliantly about the environment, poverty, peace, child welfare, animal protection, human rights, education, health, and/or general issues in philanthropy, please nominate by adding a link to this thread. We'll invite a few to kick us off in January, then gradually add more voices as we go. Self-nominations gladly accepted!

If for any reason you want the nomination to be discreet, drop me a note here.


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This is EXACTLY the approach I'm talking about: Beyond Good Intentions is "an organization committed to uncovering more innovative and effective approaches to international aid worldwide."

I've sent a note to these folks to see if any among them are both atheist/humanist and experienced at blogging.

Anyone else have leads on bloggers for our invitational Foundation blog? We want people who are deeply informed about best practices in philanthropy and can also write engagingly and well.
Thanks Deb! At the moment I'm mostly looking for atheists/humanists with experience writing about the causes (poverty, health, environment, etc), but these are definitely two great sites to keep in mind.

I would like to nominate the Portland Humanist Examiner

Good luck, and Keep up the good work.
Oh, good one! That's right in the sweet spot. Thanks uni!
Thank you Tommaso, I'm delighted to hear this. I'll be in touch shortly.
This is no doubt a long shot, but I currently write a column about Apple products at

Its silly and lighthearted by design, but Atheism and Philanthropy are topics i am deeply passionate about. I would loved to be involved in any way- even if that means just reading if my style isnt what your looking for!
Please take a look at Womanist Musings. The writing is frank and clear.
Thanks Dianna and Marc! We'll take a look.
Serve-serving, but take a look at the bloggers (including myself) at
If you're ever looking for something a bit more 'hard-line', my thoughts and writing style can be sampled here.
Siviku Hutchinson.

Some of her writing is featured in BlackFemLens.

She will be speaking at the African-Americans for Humanism Conference.

She also blogs here on Atheist Nexus.
I second that - Sikivu is exceptional. Her writing is also featured on and our accompanying blog.




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