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My last unit didn't want to put Atheist on mine so they said humanist. But my hubby's say Atheist :( grr.
My first set, (Spring, 1990), were NRP, but when I went to the National Guard I had a new set made with "atheist".
I think the thing about most atheists having NRP on their tags is probably because the Army doesn't really tell you on that first, hectic day that it's even possible to get tags with "atheist" on.
My dog tags say Atheist. Of course, they are not Army issued dog tags, but I wear them anyway.
I was in from 1975-2002(with a couple of years break from 1981-1984), and my dogtags said "No pref" most of the time, but sometimes I got the chance to make my own, so I put atheist on them.
Sherry Young, USAF 1976-1985. In as an E-1, out as an O-3. Mostly in mobile communications and radar. (AF's Army) Born in Ohio went to Ohio State. I live in Colorado now, 22 miles from Aspen and yes, I ski. Great husband, 21yo son in college in Orlando, 19yo daughter lives at home while she's going to community college and doing snowboard competitions. Two cool dogs. We're all atheists.
My name is Megan and I've been in the Army for 6 years now. I'm a 68k, medical laboratory technician. I was stationed in Germany for 3 1/2 years and it's my first year as a reservist. I haven't had too much trouble with being an atheist...a few patients mostly. My reserve unit doesn't really care so I'm happy with that. My husband and his Dad are also fox hole atheists, so that's really awesome.
I am a 68k in training. It's nice to meet someone else like me in my own mos ^.^ And yeah we don't go to foxholes but we do do the autopsys on those that have been there, remember that. Unless you're stationed in a place were they don't let the techs help.
Hi Dane. I'm a reserve infantry officer who was a reserve military musician with the same unit for a decade first. I left my unit but missed the military, so returned to it in a different role. It's challenging fitting in the training with a family and job, and sometimes I wonder if my time isn't better spent on other things, but for now I'm carrying on. In the Canadian military it's quite easy to be an unapologetic atheist since in B.C. over 33% of the population is non-religious, so I'm not shy about doing so. We still have institutionalised religiosity in the form of unit chaplains. I've been quite clear with ours that I'm an atheist, and though we have friendly chats, I won't be using his "services" if I have counselling needs better served by a secular professional.
Howdy All,

My name is Randy and in my youth I was perhaps the worst 63S the Army ever had. For you marines and sailors and such, that's a heavy vehicle mechanic (wheeled). To put it into perspective, I am now an actor - two specialties that couldn't possibly have less to do with one another.
I am Vernon Friday (atheistnfoxhole), a Soldier stationed in El Paso, TX. I've been a non-believer all my life. I recently (about 10 years ago) found out I was actually an atheist. I am happy to be among like-minded people.
Hi all! My name is Rebecca Shorter. I was in the navy from 1996-2000. I was an MR3 when I got out. I served on the Emory S. Land ( AS-39) and the John F. Kennedy ( CV-67).
Aloha Kakou “May there be friendship between us, greetings”
I’m Calvin and if you can’t tell yet, I’m from Hawaii, born and raised. I joined the Hawaii Air National Guard when I was 17 years old; I’ve been in Combat Communication the entire time. Like Sherry Young mentioned, Mobile Communication or what the Guard calls Combat Communication is the AF version of the Army or as one AF general said during an awards ceremony after we got back from Iraq “lets here it for the guys in the Combat Communication Group, the nerds with the guns”. Too funny, nerds with guns, at first his remarks surprised me, but the more I think about it, the more I like it. As far as being an Atheist in the Guard, Hawaii is really divers so I’ve never had any real problems.


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