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My husband Mike Alexander is from crown point indiana, You may know him o.O Not sure what school he went to but you are about his age. He is also an athiest and was in the army as a radar repairer.
My name is Joseph Reilly. I served in the USMC from '94-'00. I was a field radio operator (2531). I am from Happy, TX and currently reside in Deep Run, NC.
Hey I'm Ernie, was in the Army as a 19D. I was in for 3 in a half years and am in the reserves now as a 21W.
Hi, I'm Tracy and I'm a Former Sailor. I joined the Navy in 1983 and retired in 2004. Now I'm a contractor working for Joint Forces Command. When I was enlisted I was an Electrician (EM) and then a Computer Hardware Technician (Data Systems Tech, DS.) After getting commissioned I was an Electronics, Communications and Informations Systems Officer. My best tour was aboard the USS MILIUS, an Aegis Destroyer, where I served as EMO (Electronics Material Officer), during the latest war. I'm from CA originally and now live in VA. I've been an Athiest for as long as I can remember.
Hey Sylvain. I'm a reserve infantry officer in BC, and was an NCM for a decade first. Have you ever had any problems about religion in the Regs? I know I haven't in the reserves. I make an obvious point to not bow my head for mess dinners or parades, etc, and within our small group of unit officers a few of us are atheists, one is agnostic, and the others don't talk about it. It's a very secular atmosphere, all things considered.
Hi, my name is Forrest Green and I was active duty Air Force for 5 years 6 months 3 days and now currently serving as a Traditional in the South Carolina Air National Guard at McEntire JNG base in Eastover, South Carolina.
Nom de plume is Larian LeQuella. My callsign is Lunk. USAF zero stationed at Eglin. Been in 19 years (since 1989), atheist the whole time (Well, my whole life really). I guess if you just go to me personal web page and blog, you'll learn all about me.

Been an atheist my whole life really (tried xtianity when I was like 15 and just couldn't stomach it, although it got me a bit of pussy, but that's another story!).
I'm Rob, I was a soldier atheist from '95 until '03 where I made the leap to bonafide Foxhole Atheist. I gave it all up in '05 when I realized the policy was kill all the muslims you want but thats it. C'mon can't I pop a few christians too? Joking of course, there were a hundred small reasons, none of which would cause me to get out by them selves, but added all up, it let me know that maybe I would be happier somewhere else, and I truly am.

As for my MOS, I was a 98G Russian/Serbo-Cro linguist and all around pain in the ass, just ask my soldiers ;)

Glad to talk to anyone and everyone out there so feel free to drop a line.

I like what you mean. And i personally learned arabic so I could understand the muslim religion better just because you can't fight what you don't understand, most christians don't understand that.


Hello! My name is Paul I was an Army MP from 1967 to 1970 serving in Vietnam from 1968 to 1969. It is now forty years since I was deployed to southeast Asia and am still attempting to deal with the experience.
Mdooo1 here. 19D and 31R MOS, Army. 1997-2002. Are they still using the 'No religious preference' on dog tags, or does it read 'Atheist' now? LOL!
i put athiest on mines in basic... the drills knew not to mess with me... I'm an army brat


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